Video captures cat saving young boy from vicious dog attack

INCREDIBLE footage has emerged showing the moment a brave cat saved a young boy from a savage dog attack.

Home security cameras captured the attack on Tuesday and shows the four-year-old boy playing on his bike in the driveway of the family’s California home when he is savagely mauled by a neighbours dog.

The cunning canine is seen sneaking up from behind a car before lunging at the boy’s leg and violently dragging him from his bike.


The cat barreled into the dog and chased it away before returning to check on the boy.

The dog, identified as an eight-month-old labrador-chow mix, has been surrendered by its owner and is expected to be put down.

The young boy is recovering after receiving 10 stitches.

The footage, posted online by the boy’s father, has notched up almost 300,000 views.