Cat swung around by tail and left to die in freezer

The RSPCA is investigating, after a tabby cat was found dead in a freezer, that had been dumped at a southeast Queensland tip last month.

The white and ginger patch tabby was found to have suffered a severe ‘tail pull’ injury, which the RSPCA says would have happened from someone swinging the cat around by the tail.

Post mortem results found the cat was put in the freezer alive and suffered for a period of time before dying.


“The ultimate cause of death appears to be internal bleeding.

“The cat had bitten its tongue and this may have happened when it was trying to escape from the freezer,” said RSPCA Qld spokesperson Michael Beatty.

The cat was found in a freezer at the Dakabin dump on June 25, but wasn’t found frozen, while other items in the freezer still were frozen.

Investigators say it’s possible that the person who dumped the freezer is not the offender because of this.

CCTV cameras at the dump appear to have been corrupted, with investigators are calling on anyone with information to come forward.

Anyone who has any information is urged to call 1300 ANIMAL