Emily Jade's Entertainment News

Emily Jade’s Entertainment News

Some happy news for you to kick-start your Friday – Rachael Finch has announced she is having baby number 2! She is 12 weeks pregnant and she announced the news yesterday by sharing the classic ultrasound photo. It now explains why she turned down going to Rio – she was offered the opportunity to go over and report – but because she was pregnant and with the threat of the Zika virus there was obviously no way that she could possibly attend. Congratulations Rachael!

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have cancelled their honeymoon plans to go to Bora Bora. They had booked the honeymoon before the wedding. Apparently she still can’t work out what she wants to do for the wedding – she is tossing up between a little one at Byron or a big one. Get married already!!

So much love in one pic…. ?❤️? get ur happy hippie teeeee hereeeee http://miley.lk/HappyHippieMerch

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Seth Rogan has come out and said that he thinks Orlando Bloom stripped off naked on purpose to get better film roles. He believes that Orlando might be going that thing of ‘getting older’ and so is trying to show that he is still attractive enough to play the young, sexy roles. Trying for the next 50 Shades Of Grey perhaps?


And last night Keira said farewell to The Bachelor, or The Bachelor said farewell to her after their lovely yoga date. On the date Keira kept telling Richie what to do, so he went ‘Righto – See Ya Later!’ Keira was the one who controversially started her life in a very strange cult and her mum was the wife of a man who had many wives. It was all revealed while she was in the house and she just had to sit back and take it. When I chatted to her, Keira said: “Look, to be honest, it doesn’t really bother me. It’s not something that I’ve really hid, it’s just not relevant to who I am. I am in a really good place, I’m very happy. I’m a positive person who looks towards the future and I don’t really focus on the past. I’m fine with it, I think it made me a bit stronger and a bit more resilient.” I just loved that on the show last night when she was driving off into the single sunset she said ‘I was too good for this situation’ – you go sister!

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Emily Jade's Entertainment News

Emily Jade’s Entertainment News

Look, I am a bit of a Guns N’ Roses diehard and if you are like me you are going to be really thrilled to know that they are going to be touring in February. They have just announced the tour – and the best bit is, it is with Slash! Axel did go on the road for a while as ‘Guns N’ Roses’ (it was just the guns really, not the roses too) but now Slash has decided to re-join the party. So, if you want to see the true Guns N’ Roses, you need to get tickets!

The Playboy Mansion has sold for $130 million. The next door neighbour has bought it and has said that Hugh Hefner can live there until he dies. Hugh is 90 at the moment, and he is looking pretty good for his age, so I think it will be another 10 years until the new owner can officially move in.

Hugh Jackman has had to rush to his mother-in-law’s side. Deborra-Lee Furness’ mother is not well so the couple are now back home in the country to be with her. Hugh and his mother-in-law have a great relationship and he has gone on record many times saying he officially has the best mother-in-law in the world.

Marriage is on the cards for Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. Sources say he really really wants to marry her and he really really wants to have more kids. She is a bit hesitant at the moment though after everything that went down with her ex Russell Brand. I think they are great match!

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Now I loved Jessie J in The Voice, but I’ve just found out that after she finished filming the reality series she deleted everyone that she mentored from her social feeds! Ellen Reed has revealed that the British star unfollowed her the day after the show wrapped. I guess if you are thinking about going on The Voice, maybe pick one of mentors that wants to continue a relationship.

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Emily Jade's Entertainment News

Emily Jade’s Entertainment News

Wanted to start by wishing Channel 9 Queensland a very happy birthday – they are 57 today!

Yesterday I mentioned Justin Bieber was a little bit upset with the internet after he posted a photo with Sofia Richie, Lionel Richie’s daughter.  All of the haters came out after he shared a photo of the pair on Instagram.  Well overnight the biebs deleted his Instagram account so now we can no longer look at any of his photos. 🙁 Tbh, I am glad he has taken a stand and said he is just not going to put up with all the hate – good on him!

There is a rumour going around that Johnny Depp has been majorly cut out of the Pirates of the Caribbean trailer after all of the drama that has unfolded with his ex Amber Heard. Their divorce has now settled for $10 million, and it comes after Heard submitted some very damaging photos to the court. Heard says she is going to donate the money to charity as it wasn’t about the money it was just about standing up for herself. I’m hoping she donates the cash to a women’s shelter.

Thor is closing down half of Brisbane (well some streets in the CBD) to do some filming there. So if you want to see a big movie in action, you need to get yourself there! CLICK HERE for all the details you need to know.

Cody Simpson, who is a great Gold Coaster, has turned down the opportunity to be a judge on The X-Factor because he wants to spend time writing with his new team. However, he is making time to do a concert at his old school All Saints this September.

Finally, I love ‘The Bachelor’ and there’s some chat that there is naughty business going on between one of the girls and someone in the production team. I guess when there is only guy, a whole bunch of girls, and not a whole lot of chemistry between you and the one guy, why not have a crack at the camera guy… 😉  I caught up with Sasha who was eliminated last week and she said there was no truth to the rumours. “That is a load of s***, absolutely not true,” she said. “The [crew] are ugly, old and gay!”

Emily Jade's Entertainment News

Emily Jade’s Entertainment News

Alright let’s get straight into it!

The Amber Heard and Johnny Depp saga has gotten worse. Remember when he had to stop filming Pirates of the Caribbean because he hurt his hand? Well Amber and her team have argued in court that he sliced his finger on a piece of glass after he smashed several bottles and windows because he was angry and believed that Amber was cheating on him with Billy-Bob Thornton. He then went on to write a chilling blood message to her on a mirror – gross! Read all about it here!

I want to give a huge round of applause to Carrie Bickmore.  She started a charity called Beanies For Brain Cancer – remember she popped on that beanie during her speech at the Logies – and had an aim to raise $1 million. Well last night she announced that she had done it.

@BickmoreCarrie makes a big announcement about @carriesb4bc. You can donate at carriesbeanies4braincancer.com

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And finally The Shallows is going to be released on Thursday and Blake Lively lived here on the Gold Coast while she was filming the flick. She’s on the promotional tour at the moment and she has revealed that she loved our city, especially our restaurants and coffee shops.  For details on her hot spots, click here!


Emily Jade's Entertainment News

Emily Jade’s Entertainment News

Going to get the sad news out of the way first up!

If you’re a massive fan of Star Wars, the smallest star in the galaxy – R2D2 – has died.  Not the actual R2D2 but the actor Kenny Baker who was stuffed inside R2D2 passed away over the weekend.   He was 81 and only 1 metre tall. His role in Star Wars was quite pioneering because he changed the way people looked at disability and showed that they could do things like be a big star in a movie. Rest in peace mate.

Another thing that is a little bit sad – Barbara Gibb has passed away.   She was mother to all of the Gibbs, better known as the Bee Gees.  She was 95.

Bon Jovi have revealed they are going to release their 14th album. I’m so excited about this as I am a bit of a hardcore fan and it remains one of the best concerts I have ever been too. It’s going to be without Richie Sambora and will be released on October 21. It’s called ‘This House Is Not For Sale’.

Justin Bieber has a new girlfriend and it’s Sofia Richie – Lionel Richie’s daughter. He put a photo up on Instagram of the pair and all the haters have since come out and criticised her. Justin has now said that if he gets anymore hate towards her, he will take himself on Instagram. Good on him!

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Last night on TV was All Star Family Feud and I loved that it was Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell’s family’s. Tim ended up winning, but told me that the pair were quite competitive leading up to the show. “Anthony’s mum was watching about 20 different episodes to get in the mode – she really wanted to win.” Tim won $30,000 which was donated to the RSPCA.