5 doughnuts you’ll want to sink your teeth into

If you’re currently on a diet, read no further.

We’re about to delve into where you can find the best local doughnuts and things could get… sugary.


Check out this salted caramel pretzel cookie crumb masterpiece. It’s salty and wet, gooey and crunchy. What’s not to love?


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Nodo is your gluten free, health conscious and earth friendly doughnut supplier. They’ve just opened up a cafe in Newstead where you can sink your teeth into treats like these delicious fruity sensations.


Doughnuts and kombie vans, Chocolate Komberry Co. is embracing throwback Thursday every day. Hopefully they’ll be heading to a location near you soon with their delicious sourdough, inject-able and cronut varieties. If not, they regularly hang at Brisbane’s Eat Street Markets.


Two Little Bakers pride themselves on baked goods that “not only look great but taste fantastic”. If their Instagram is anything to go by, their doughnuts from scratch are certainly living up to that.


Blackboard is well known for its Instagram worthy food and coffee, and their doughnuts are iconic on the coast. If you’ve been lusting in envy over a friend’s snap of their caramel syringes and loaded baked goods, go and try one for yourself.


Story by Laura Cocks – myGC Work Experience Reporter

A cafe dedicated to Nutella is coming to Sydney

PHOTO: Foodcraft espresso & bakery / Facebook

PHOTO: Foodcraft espresso & bakery / Facebook

NUTELLA lovers rejoice!

The cafe behind the Tella Ball Shakes (A Nutella milkshake topped with a Nutella donut) have just announced that they will be opening up a dessert bar dedicated to… yep, you guessed it – Nutella!

The mouthwatering café will be based in Dulwich Hill in Sydney and will feature desserts involving Nutella, Nutella and um Nutella.

According to Food Craft Espressos social media pages, consumers can expect to indulge in Nutella cheesecakes, macaroons, Nutella banana bread, cronuts, cruffins, crepes, waffles, cookies and more.

Nutella pizza coming soon! #nutella #nutellapizza #dessertporn #dessertbar #sydney @gk_imagesmart A photo posted by Foodcraftespresso&bakery (@foodcraftespresso) on

Food safety headlines World Health Day

With thousands of Queenslanders suffering from food-borne illness caused by contaminated food, food safety is set to be the main focus of World Health Day today.

In Australia there are at least 4.1 million cases of gastro each year and Health Protection Unit Executive Director Sophie Dwyer says with figures like this, it’s not
surprising it’s the focus.

“Food safety is clearly a worldwide concern, with over 200 diseases caused by unsafe food containing harmful bacteria, parasites, viruses or chemical substances,” Ms Dwyer said.

“On average, there are more than 230,000 cases of Campylobacter and 55,000 cases of Salmonella in Australia each year.

“In Queensland, we’ve certainly seen a spike in numbers for these two diseases compared to the same time last year.

“This is a clear indication that people need to pay much more attention to the way they handle and prepare food.”

Ms Dwyer said she wanted to use World Health Day as a time to reinforce the message that people need to take care when handling all high risk foods.

“While many people suffering a food-borne illness experience mild symptoms and recover within a few days, severe cases can result in hospitalisation,” she said.

“Campylobacter is the most common cause of food poisoning in Australia, with more than 3200 people becoming so ill in 2014 that they ended up receiving hospital treatment.

“It is most commonly contracted and spread by preparing raw chicken.

“Recent Salmonella outbreaks in Queensland have been linked to production of products containing raw or under-cooked eggs, and cross contamination from poor hygiene,” she added.

Date night at The Fish House – Burleigh Heads

We recently went on a date night to the Fish House in Burleigh Heads.

The Fish House is located on Goodwin Terrace in Burleigh Heads and overlooks the ocean, perfect for a romantic dinner date. If I had enough money, I would probably eat here at least once a week. The food’s so simple but so darn amazing and beautiful at the same time. 

Service is impeccable. It’s as if you’re surrounded by well trained British butlers. A sommelier is also on hand with expert advice to help you select the best possible wine to match your dinner selections.

For starters we chose the daily raw selection of sashimi. We were presented with thin slices of beautiful kingfish, tuna and salmon drizzled with olive oil and lemon.


For mains we ordered the swordfish and the whiting along with a selection of green beans and salad. I would highly recommend the potato cakes; order one each as they’re too delicious to share. I don’t have many photo’s as my partner was too hungry to wait for me to angle the plate and do my blogger thing.

17.7.15 Fish house1

Overall, I love the food but the price does sting. My recommendation; save this venue for a special occasion!

Calls for law against food waste to go global

There are calls for countries around the world to follow the lead of France and make it illegal for supermarkets to throw away edible food.

Large stores must now make a deal with a charity to donate out of date items in a move aimed at reducing food waste.

The law which will also see waste converted into animal feed, compost or energy, was unanimously voted in by France’s National Assembly last week.

It’s prompted a call from environmental groups and charities for other countries, such as Australia, to adopt the measures.