Gold Coast Treasure: Club Kidpreneur

At just eight and 12 years old, siblings Liam and Lexi Jack are mini Gold Coast treasures after starting their own business.

These “kidpreneurs” decided to start selling coffee tree saplings for a cool profit after taking part in a Club Kidpreneur program.

Club Kidpreneur is a primary school entrepreneurship education program that teaches kids innovation and enterprise skills.

Find out more about Liam and Lexi’s clever business and Club Kidpreneur in the video below:

Michelle Merchant

Gold Coast Treasure: Michelle Merchant


That is the only word needed to describe Michelle Merchant.

The Gold Coaster has defied all odds since she was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1996, age 34. At the time, she was told by doctors that she would be lucky to survive another 2.5 years.

But Michelle refused to accept that fate, and with her never-give-up spirit has out-lived her life expectancy by more than 18 years.

The ovarian cancer fight has not been easy for Michelle and sadly she has now run out of chemotherapy drug options. The drug she requires to stay alive, PD-1 inhibitors, is currently not included on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. The drug costs $3000 per injection – and Michelle requires an injection every 2 weeks for a whole year.

Unable to afford the treatment and desperate to stay alive, Michelle is trying to raise funds to pay for the drugs.

On August 27th, she is hosting a Teal Takeover Ball at the Southport Yacht Club which all locals are encouraged to attend. For the event details, visit our What’s On calendar:

Watch the video below to hear Michelle’s incredible story:

She also has setup a gofundme page for those who wish to donate. You can do so here:


Cake Batter

Gold Coast Treasure: Cake 2 the Rescue

Many mums and dads would say Gold Coast mum Louise Duggan is a treasure.

Lou is the mastermind behind Cake 2 the Rescue, which sells do-it-yourself-cake kits. The mum of three developed the concept after struggling for years to create the dream cakes her kids wanted at their birthday parties.

Lou’s kits have helped thousands of parents whip up incredible cakes for their children.

Watch the video below to find out how Cake 2 the Rescue can help you create a cake that rivals those found in the pages of Women’s Weekly:

For more information on Cake 2 the Rescue, visit:

Red Cat Science

Gold Coast Treasure: Red Cat Science

A Gold Coast chemistry teacher is on a mission to ignite a passion for science in local school kids.

After seeing so many kids not loving the subject at school, Sarah Rouche decided she wanted to start up her business Red Cat Science to get kids to have fun with science.

“I want to fuel kids’ innate curiosity about the world around them though experimentation or play with science,” she told myGC.

Watch the video below to sfind out why Red Cat Science is so much fun for kids:

For more on Red Cat Science, visit:

GC Treasure Hakuakai Karate Club

Gold Coast Treasure: Hakuakai Karate Club

A number of karate national champions and future Olympians owe their success to a small and humble karate club on the Gold Coast.

The Hakuakai Karate Club based in Oxenford teaches the Japanese style of karate called Shotokan to both children and adults.

The club has fast grown to become a treasure in the karate world, and is one of the only  true traditional schools of Karate left here on the Gold Coast.

See what a class at the Hakuakai Karate Club is like in the video below:

For more on the Hakuakai Karate Club, visit: