Carol Taylor

Gold Coast Treasure: Carol Taylor

Carol Taylor is an inspiration to us all.

After a tragic accident in 2001 almost ended her life, Carol has fought back against the odds to become a successful business women, artist and mother.

Her story is inspiring, uplifting and will leave you feeling empowered.

Watch the video below to learn more about Carol’s story:

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Megan Young

Gold Coast Treasure: Megan Young

Gold Coaster Megan Young believes every child has the right to an education and the right to have his or her voice heard and opinion valued.

It is that belief that led her to start Flourish Education in 2014, where she provides professional tuition to individuals and small groups on the southern end of the Gold Coast.

A registered teacher for more than 10 years, Megan works with children who struggle to find their place in mainstream education and families who choose to educate their children from home.

Learn more about Megan and Flourish Education in the video below:

For more information on Flourish Education, visit:

Natalie Gruzlewski

Gold Coast Treasure: Natalie Gruzlewski

She may have travelled the world as a presenter on Getaway, but Natalie Gruzlewski says there is nothing better then being right here on the Gold Coast.

Putting her career on the back burner for the last few years, Gruzlewski has been spending her days looking after her bubbly three-year-old daughter, Olivia and soaking up the Gold Coast lifestyle. “Everyday the weather is fabulous, there’s very little traffic and we certainly do have the best beaches and the best attitude in the world,” she tells myGC.

Check out our interview with Gruzlewski in the video below and find out what she is up to next, what she considers to be her career highlight and the talent she hasn’t yet mastered.

Salt Road photographer

Gold Coast Treasure: Salt Road

We’ve all seen incredible photos and perfect barrels or epic sunrises taken right here on the Gold Coast. Well many of the stunning images are captured by Salt Road.

The man behind the lens capturing Salt Road’s epic photos is Jamie Dickson, who told myGC he is always on the hunt for the next great shot.

Dickson snaps anyone he can get, from pros through to locals and visitors slogging it out and always manages to capture a frame that represents an incredible split second of life. Dickson is passionate about surf photography, but his business has grown to now include videography and designing and manufacturing apparel.

Check out some of Dickson’s epic photos and learn more about Salt Road in the video below:

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Dr Libby Weaver

Gold Coast Treasure: Dr Libby Weaver

Dr Libby Weaver is on a mission to help people take charge of their health and happiness.

An internationally acclaimed nutritional biochemist, Dr Libby knows everything there is to know about achieving and maintaining ultimate health and well-being.

“I originally studied nutrition and dietetics, and then want to on and did a PHD in biochemistry. With my original training in nutrition I bring that together with my knowledge biochemistry which is essentially all the inner workings of the body,” she tells myGC.

She has written eight best-selling books, travelled the world as a highly acclaimed speaker, and can count celebrities Hugh Jackman and Deborra-lee Furness as celebrity clients.

“My approach has three pillars to it – the biochemical (the inner workings), the nutritional (the foods and nutrients that are essential to make all the inner workings happen efficiently) and the emotional (where I help people answer the questions ‘why they do what they do when they know what they know’).”

Check out Dr Libby’s tips for improving your health and wellbeing in the video below:

These are Dr Libby’s top health tips:
• Instead of focusing of eating less of something that isn’t good for you, focus on eating more of whole real food.
• To become breath aware. A lot of people live on adrenaline and it can cause a host of problems.
• To stay in touch with what a gift life is. When we feel grateful we can’t be stressed.

Dr Libby will soon be blogging regularly on myGC, so keep a look out for her posts. In the meantime, learn more about Dr Libby here: