Man charged over alleged Canungra bomb hoax

UPDATE: A man at the centre of a ten hour siege, which forced the Hinterland town of Canungra into lockdown, has been charged.

Police responded around 5.15am yesterday, after receiving a call from the 37-year-old.

An emergency situation and exclusion zones were declared while police dealt with the situation which resolved peacefully just after 3pm.

It’s alleged he claimed to have explosives in his car, which was parked near the hotel on Kidston Street.

All businesses in the area were closed and workers told to go home as Police negotiated with the man.

He spent most of the day barricaded inside the Holden Commodore, with towels and blankets covering the windows.

The shirtless man was seen at times getting out and hitting the car with a pole, but nobody was harmed during the ordeal.

He has this morning been charged with threatening violence, bomb hoax and going armed as to cause fear.

He will appear in Beenleigh Magistrates Court today.

Tim Dormer’s teeth auction a violation

FIRST ON myGC: AUSTRALIAN Big Brother winner Tim Dormer had almost auctioned off his wisdom teeth for $100,000, until eBay classed it as a violation of their service.

The reality television star decided to list his teeth on the website for fun, after having them surgically removed on Thursday afternoon.

Dormer took to Twitter and Instagram to advertise his auction.

“While I lay here in pain, thought it would be funny to put my removed wisdom teeth on eBay,” Dormer tweeted. “Bid away weirdos.”

Dormer published the listing on the popular website at around 6pm on Thursday.

Within minutes, dozens of fans had placed their bid and by 6.50pm, bidding had surpassed $50,000.

The last and 109th bid of $99,955 was placed at around 8pm before the listing was identified as a violation of eBay’s Human Body Parts and Remains policy and subsequently removed.

Dormer was issued with an email, advising why his listing was removed and auction cancelled.

“After reviewing your eBay account, it appears that you have violated eBay’s Human Body Parts and Remains policy,” the email read. “You listed a human tooth.”

“We realize you may not have been aware of this policy, but eBay does not permit human body parts to be listed on our site.”

“Examples of prohibited items include, but are not limited to; organs, bone, blood, waste, sperm and eggs,” eBay said. “Please, do not relist the item.”

“Whoops,” Dormer tweeted. “Apparently you’re not allowed to sell body parts on eBay. Shame, my wisdom’s went for nearly $100k, sheesh imagine what I could get for a kidney!”

Gold Coast UFO video goes viral

FIRST ON myGC: A YOUTUBE video suggesting the Gold Coast is under attack by “strange visitors” has gone viral, showcasing what appear to be UFOs hanging over the city’s beaches.

The three minute clip, compiled and published by “Mart”, shows dozens of still images of what ‘Mart’ suggests are UFOs haunting Surfers Paradise, set to the scene of dramatic overlaid audio.

Since it was uploaded to the internet in late November 2013, the video has pulled in more than 80,200 views.

The images were taken from a high resolution weather webcam facing southeast towards Coolangatta and the Tweed Coast from Surfers Paradise, owned and operated by

This particular camera faces the Gold Coast’s Coolangatta Airport and operates between 4:30am and 11pm, taking an image every one minute.

Night images are usually set at 16 second exposures, so the camera can and will capture lightning when there are storms around.

This could very well explain why the webcam has captured the eerie images, putting Mart’s ludicrous “strange visitors” theory to rest.

The unusual lights which are seen appearing over the beach can be directly attributed to flights landing and taking off from the city’s Airport.

The unusual lights seen closer to the water and sand and on the roads can also be attributed to low flying helicopters and moving vehicles on the ground.

In conclusion, there is no substantial evidence available to suggest the images depict any form of UFO or alien activity.

New Ambulance for northern Gold Coast

A NEW Ambulance worth $215,000 has officially been handed over to the Helensvale Ambulance Station on the Gold Coast.

Member for Coomera, Michael Crandon said the new addition to the fleet, a Mercedes Sprinter 319, would allow the Helensvale Ambulance Station to more effectively meet the demands of the local community.

“Ambulance personnel and fleet at Helensvale travel many thousands of kilometres every year in response to medical emergencies,” Mr Crandon said.

“It is therefore vitally important the station has a fleet suitable and well maintained to deliver the quality service that has come to be expected in this region.

“I have been speaking with Dee Taylor-Dutton, Assistant Commissioner and she has said the new ambulance was a very welcome addition at the Helensvale Ambulance Station.

“In 2013-14 the Newman Government will deliver 155 new and replacement ambulance vehicles to stations right across Queensland.

“The new vehicle would make ambulance response and transport safer and more comfortable for both patients and paramedics”, he said.

The new vehicle is fitted with the latest technology for the operation of both the vehicle and patient care features.

“It is a significant investment in the community’s safety and demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the Queensland Ambulance Service remains one of the top performing emergency service organisations in the country,” Mr Crandon said.

“It takes a unique person to commit themselves to a profession entirely focused on helping others and this vehicle will support personnel to provide the best possible pre-hospital medical care.”

Eight hour siege ends peacefully, man surrenders

THE MAN who placed Canungra into lockdown after barricading himself inside a car, claiming to have the boot packed with explosives, has peacefully surrendered to police.

Police have confirmed a 37-year-old man was arrested at around 3:15pm on Thursday afternoon without further incident and is now in custody.

The emergency situation, which included an exclusion zone in the area, has since been revoked.

Roads which were initially closed through the Gold Coast Hinterland town are reopening.

No one was injured during the incident.

It’s believed officers intercepted the man driving his car in Canungra on Wednesday afternoon and confiscated his number plates as the vehicle was not registered.

The shirtless man then reportedly called police and media outlets shortly before 5:30am on Thursday morning, threatening to blow up his burgundy Holden Commodore sedan on Kidston Street.

Channel Nine reports the man may be from the Bundaberg area.

Investigations into the incident are continuing.