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Boy killed after trio sleeping in garbage bin were tipped into truck

A 13-year-old boy has been killed in a horror incident involving a garbage truck in South Australia.

Police have cordoned off an area in Port Lincoln this morning after a garbage truck collected an industrial bin with three young boys inside.

It’s understood the trio, aged 11, 12 and 13-years-old, were sleeping in the bin when it was emptied into a garbage truck.

The 13-year-old suffered serious injuries in the incident and died at the scene.

While the two others were uninjured, including one who was able to get himself out of the truck.

The truck driver was reportedly completely unaware and is ‘extremely shaken by the incident’, SA Police report.

A report is now being prepared for the coroner, while SA Police and Safe Work SA are looking into the incident.

Police confirm man and baby girl died in “tragic” murder-suicide

LATEST @ 12.45 PM | Police have confirmed they’re treating the death of a man and baby girl at a popular tourist spot in South Australia as a murder-suicide.

According to Barossa Police, the man jumped from the Whispering Wall at Williamstown with his 9-month-old daughter strapped to him in a child carrier.

“About 4.30pm on Wednesday 21 April, police and emergency services were called to the Whispering Wall after witnesses reported seeing a man with an infant in a child carrier jump off the wall,” police said in a statement on Thursday.

Upon arrival, emergency crews found the man deceased at the bottom, while the baby girl was unresponsive.

Members of the public and paramedics performed CPR on the little girl but sadly, she died at the scene.

Although formal identification is yet to be completed, police believe the man to be 38-year-old Henry Shepherdson and his daughter Kobi Shepherdson, aged nine months.

“Early investigation has shown a history of domestic violence between Henry Shepherdson and the mother of Kobi,” Police said.

No-one else is being sought over the deaths.

Police said the families of the man and child have asked for their “privacy to be respected at this sad and tragic time”, however, Kobi’s mum has supplied several photos of her beloved baby girl.

PHOTO: Supplied by South Australia Police

“This is a highly distressing and emotional incident that has and is affecting people who witnessed this incident, those who tried to help Kobi, emergency services personnel, family and friends,” police said in a statement.

“We are supporting those impacted by this incident.”

Anyone who is experiencing family violence, or has concerns for their safety or the safety of other family members or friends, is urged to contact police through 131 444 or Triple Zero in an emergency.

Support agencies who may also be contacted include 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732), and the DV Crisis Line on 1800 800 098.

EARLIER @ 10.30 AM | A major investigation is underway after a man and baby girl fell to their deaths at the Whispering Wall near the Barossa Valley.

Police were called to the well known tourist spot at Williamstown in South Australia around 4.30pm on Wednesday, after witnesses reported seeing a man and infant go over the edge of the wall.

Upon arrival they found the man deceased at the bottom, while the baby girl was unresponsive.

Paramedics worked on the infant but sadly, she could not be saved and died at the scene.

The reservoir remains closed this morning, with South Australian major crime detectives and forensic crime scene investigators continuing to examine the circumstances surrounding the incident.

At this stage, no one else is being sought over the deaths.

Police will be preparing a report for the State Coroner.

If you are in immediate danger call 000 now.  If you require advice or assistance, the following services offer counselling and support.
Lifeline 24/7 telephone crisis support 13 11 14
DV Connect Queensland Statewide Domestic Violence Hotline 24/7 phone 1800 811 811
1800RESPECT 24/7 phone 1800 737 732
Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Gold Coast

“Sorry to be such a Big Birden”: Thieves return Big Bird costume with apology note

A bit of a laugh for South Australian authorities, and relief for a local circus, after a stolen Big Bird costume was returned with an apology note.

The massive yellow Big Bird costume, said to be worth around $160,000, is believed to have been stolen from a Circus at Thebarton overnight on Sunday.

It sparked a major search and making news headlines nationwide.

However, South Australian police say they were called to Port Road just before 5.00 am today, after two males in dark clothes were spotted with the costume.

They then dumped it near the south/western end of the circus before fleeing.

Officers found a letter in the beak of the costume, where the thieves apologised for being a ‘big birden’.

“We had no idea what we were doing, or what our actions would cause.

“We were just having a rough time and were trying to cheer ourselves up,” the note read.

Police say the costume appears to be intact and has been returned to the circus, but they haven’t been able to track down the two men.

“The investigation into the theft which occurred sometime overnight between Sunday afternoon 18 April and Monday morning 19 April is continuing,” an update read.

“The suspects if apprehended could face one count of theft… two counts of theft…”

SA pizza worker’s lie to contact tracers caused harsh lockdown

South Australia Premier Steven Marshall says he is “fuming” after it was revealed a worker at the Woodville pizza bar deliberately lied to contact tracers and forced the state into a strict six-day lockdown.

Mr Marshall said the man claimed that he had purchased a pizza from the pizza shop, when in fact he was actually an employee and had been working there for several shifts.

It turns out he contracted the disease from a fellow worker there, which has now eased concerns about how the man may have picked up the virus.

“To say that I am fuming about the actions of this individual is an understatement,” Mr Marshall said.

“The selfish actions of this individual have put our whole state in a very difficult situation.

“His actions have affected businesses, individuals, family groups and is completely and utterly unacceptable.”

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said had the man been truthful to contact tracers, the state would not have gone into a six-day lockdown.

“The second consequence of that lie is this person has numerous associates, persons of interest that we are now trying to identify and locate that we would not have had to do so had they been truthful from the beginning,” he said.

“There is an absolute need for us to move quickly over the next 24-36 hours to identify and locate these people so we know we have eliminated the risk of this particular strain spreading further into the community.”

In light of the new information, the Premier announced the six-day lockdown would end three days early on Saturday night, because there was no longer a mystery as to how the man became infected.

“I will not let the disgraceful conduct of a single individual keep SA in these circuit breaker conditions one day longer than what is necessary,” he said.

As a result, the stay-at-home order will be lifted from midnight tomorrow, while excerise in family groups is now allowed – effective immedaitely.

Schools will reopen on Monday and funerals  and private gathering will be allowed to go ahead with 50 people.

Weddings will also return to an allowance of 150 people, but there will be no dancing, while gatherings in private residences will be restricted to 10 people. 

Despite “deliberately” lying to authorities, it’s been revealed the man will not face any consequences for his actions.

“The emergency management act requires people to provide information on request. There is no penalty for failing to truthfully answer those questions,” Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said.

“We know everybody will be disappointed about this. This has put a massive impact on our community. People have had their lives upended as a result of information that led us to a course of action that now was not warranted in the circumstances… We’re dealing with what we have got. We are now taking action to amend that,” he said.

There have been three new cases of COVID-19 in South Australia today, however all were already in quarantine.

There are now 25 cases linked to the cluster.

Mobile Drive Through Coronavirus Testing

BREAKING: South Australia forced into hard ‘six-day lockdown’

South Australia will go into a hard lockdown for six-days starting at midnight tonight, in a desperate bid to halt the state’s COVID-19 outbreak.

A huge range of restrictions will be implemented across the state, with South Australian Premier Steven Marshall admitting he is “going hard and going early”.

“Time is of the essence and we must act swiftly and decisively. We cannot wait to see how bad this becomes,” Mr Marshall said.

“We must act swiftly and decisively on the health advice to stay ahead of the game. That health advice is that we need a circuit breaker to stay ahead of this.

“We need breathing space for contact tracing to protect the elderly, to protect the vulnerable, to protect our entire community.

“That is why, today, I am asking you to rise to the challenge again,” he continued.

“As of midnight tonight we need our community to pause for six days. A series of wide ranging restrictions will be implemented to significantly reduce mobility in the community to stop the spread, to stamp out this virus.”

From 11.59pm, all schools except for children of essential workers and vulnerable children will be closed.

Takeaway food will be shut, universities will be closed. Pubs, cafes, coffee shops and food courts will be closed, elective surgery except for urgent operations and cancer treatment will also be closed.

South Australia Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said open inspections and auctions for real estate, all outdoor sport and physical activity will come to halt.

Regional travel is not approved and people who are in a location at the commencement of these restrictions will be required to stay there.

Aged care and disability residential care will go into lockdown. Factories other than food and medical products will be closed, except for where it is necessary for them to remain open to prevent damage to machinery.

The construction industry will close for six days, holiday homes will not be available for lease or rental, weddings and funerals will be banned for six days, outdoor sport is not permitted and masks will become mandatory in all areas outside the home.

Supermarkets will remain open to provide access to food and essential product, while petrol stations, access to financial institutions and post offices will be able to be accessed along with medical, including mental health.

The airport and freight services, including career services, will be able to operate, and mining, smelting and large factories will also be able to remain open but only those parts of the facilities that will need to operate to ensure continuity of service delivery or to prevent damage to the plant. 

Childcare will be available only for families of essential workers, and the minimum operations of government, including local government will continue to operate, along with Veterinary surgeons.

SA Police Commissioner Stevens said people will be restricted from going out of their house for a 6-day period, with the message to stay at home unless you are accessing essential services or you are an essential service.

“Food purchases will be available, you will be able to leave, one person per household once a day to access groceries,” Commissioner Stevens said.

“Agriculture will be able to move about to ensure the safety and welfare and processing of animals, and the production of dairy and other agricultural services.

“That is the list as it stands at this point but I’ve stressed we are still working on the final list in terms of what those restrictions will be and what will be allowed to operate and we will be updating further into the afternoon and evening if that list becomes available.”

It comes after the concerning Parafield cluster grew by another two cases to 22 in the past 24 hours.

However, seven more people are waiting on test results.