Several people assessed, multiple homes damaged in Coolangatta unit blaze

Multiple people have been assessed by paramedics, after a massive fire broke out in a unit block in Coolangatta.

Crews were called to an address at Coyne and Winston Street around 2.00am, to find the building well involved.

It took fire crews an hour to get in under control.

It also spread to the neighbouring property, leaving both buildings with substantial damage.

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Residents from both buildings were forced to evacuated.

Seven people had to be assessed for minor smoke inhalation, luckily none required further treatment in hospital.

Fire crews are still on scene dampening down, while investigators will attend this morning to figure out the cause of the blaze.

Police are also investigating.

“It’s idiotic”: Qld slammed by those left out of border bubble expansion

The Mayor of Inverell has expressed his disappointment of the ‘idiotic’ expansion of Queensland’s border bubble, which doesn’t include areas that are actually on the border.

From October 1, five more shires in northern New South Wales will be added to the border zone, meaning residents from there will be able to travel freely into Queensland.

But most of the new areas are from the north eastern corner of the state, while areas further west along the border have still been left out.

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Inverell is one such shire that borders Queensland, but only the northern half of the shire has been included in the border bubble.

Mayor Paul Harmon told Sunrise this morning that the rest of their shire should have been included in the expansion.

“I have no idea why our shire has been left out and it’s idiotic, it really is, the world should know why we aren’t included in the bubble.

“We had 2 cases of COVID of the ‘Ruby Princess’ in March, we haven’t had a COVID case since.

“We haven’t had a COVID case since. We have had no community transmission, I am just gobsmacked at whoever the bureaucrats are who are advising the Premier and Chief Health Officer, I don’t know whether they are doing the job properly.

“How could you have surrounding shires that don’t border Queensland, we border Queensland, half our shire is in and half is out, it is creating huge issues here for businesses, families, it’s idiotic.

“We have a major exporter that has a business here. They have staff at the Gold Coast, they have staff in Brisbane and they can’t get to and from here to the main plant.

“We have community members that actually go to Toowoomba and Brisbane a lot for medical appointments. We can’t get through.

We have community that actually farm in the northern part of our shire that have a farm on both sides of the border.

“If they come to Inverell for actually supplies, they then have to isolate yourself quarantine for 14 days before they can cross back over the border to continue their farming.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous,” Mayor Harmon said.

Queensland Health has been contacted for comment.

ADF to pull troops from Queensland’s border checkpoints

Queensland’s borders will soon need more man power, after the Australian Defence Force removes troops from various checkpoints.

The ADF says it needs to begin preparing for storm season around the country, and can no longer justify having so many troops on the border job.

Gold Coast police will have to call in reinforcements from around the state, to begin filling the gaps as early as next week.

Newscorp reports that the army will still be around to help with hotel quarantine, which is set to get busier as Queensland doubles its international arrivals from 500 to 1,000 a week.

Queensland’s Police Union’s Ian Leavers told Nine Radio he’s disappointed they can’t stay at the borders, which are set to change restrictions again over the next month.

“I would ask that Scott Morrison the Prime Minister, he said we’re all in this together – we all need to work together, to continue to have the ADF to work with police on our border,” Mr Leavers said.

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Gold Coast Suns issue apology over leaked footage of coach urinating in public

The Gold Coast Suns have had to put out an apology, after a video of the coach urinating in public was leaked online.

Stuart Dew is filmed urinating outside Shark Bar (The Miami Tavern) around two years ago, but the video has only just been made public.

It’s understood General Manager of Football Jon Haines filmed the video, but a former employee may be responsible for the leak.

The Gold Coast Suns have since issued an apology for the video.

“We apologise for our actions for which there is no excuse and we take full responsibility for our behaviour,” GC SUNS Senior Coach Stuart Dew said.

“The behaviour that took place and the filming and distribution of the footage was not appropriate and we have taken responsibility for what has happened ,” GC SUNS General Manager Football Jon Haines said.

Both Stuart Dew and Jon Haines will personally donate $5000 each to the programs that AFL Cape York house supports including providing educational, employment and training opportunities for young indigenous men from some of Far North Queensland’s most remote communities.

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NZ travel bubble still at least six months away

Bad news for anyone hoping to get across the ditch before Christmas, with officials shooting down the idea of a travel bubble with New Zealand.

The boss of Air New Zealand says at the very earliest a bubble could occur in March 2021, but it’s highly unlikely it would be any sooner.

It comes after earlier plans to have a travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand operating by September this year.

That was seriously put in doubt when the second wave rolled into Melbourne.

And again when new cases begun popping up in New Zealand.

Air New Zealand CEO Greg Foran has told Newscorp it’ll at least be another six months before Aussies and Kiwis can go between without exemptions and quarantine periods.

“I certainly do not believe we will see anything across the Tasman this calendar year,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“It’s hard to believe it would be before March next year and could well be longer.

“If it comes back quicker, we’re going to pop some champagne,” he said.