Fogarty extends stay at Gold Coast Titans

JAMAL Fogarty will stay a Titan for at least another two years after inking a contract extension with the Gold Coast club.

Already confirmed for next year, Fogarty has committed for a further season that sees him stay a Titan until the end of 2022.

After joining the side mid-season, the 26-year-old has starred for the side in his 17 games, even being named captain for round 15-18 while Kevin Proctor was side-lined through suspension.

Titans Coach Justin Holbrook says Fogarty has been a wonderful addition to the team and he’s thrilled that he has committed long-term.

“I think it is really exciting for myself as coach to have Jamal extend at the Club,” Holbrook said.

“He has shown what he has done for the team and also individually how much he has improved over the back half of this year

“It’s exciting that he is going to have a full pre-season and a couple of years with us.

“He’s a great player and a really good person and it’s great for our Club to have him extend.”

Importance of Sustainability in Fashion

There’s a quote attributed to Mahatma Gandhi – “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. When it comes to taking care of the environment, we all know that change starts in the home or workplace and it all comes down to the choices we make towards sustainability.

Sustainability means focusing on the needs of today, without compromising the future – it aims to protect the environment, as well as human health and ecology. It drives innovation, but not to the detriment of life and it ensures that the planet we love so much, is still going to be there for future generations.

In the fashion industry, sustainability means creating clothing, shoes and accessories, with as little impact on the environment and people as possible.

The Fashion Industry’s Impact
A $2.5 trillion industry, fashion is the second largest polluter in the world, behind oil. The biggest contributing factors are water pollution and water consumption – and it’s been recorded that the fashion industry accounts for 20% of global water pollution. The fashion industry also impacts the environment with high energy wastage and greenhouse gas emissions. Some companies within the industry are also reported to provide less than comfortable working conditions.

Fortunately, though, the fashion industry is learning and changing.

Natural Materials & Ethical Sourcing
In order to create a more sustainable fashion industry, it’s important that the big players lead by example by abandoning traditionally unsustainable practices and adopting more sustainable ones.

One of these companies is Levi’s, who is committed to sourcing environmentally friendly materials to reduce their environmental impact, and introducing initiatives that are designed to improve the lives of the people who work for them. The Worker Well-being initiative provides health services, financial security and gender equality for employees, no matter where in the world they reside.

Levi’s Water<Less™ technologies allow them to make their products using up to 96% less water in the finishing process; while the Wellthread™ range is a collection of their most sustainably designed products and serves to experiment and test the value of new sustainability initiatives. This collection focuses on four principles – materials, people, environment and process.

Levi’s Wellthread jeans. PHOTO: Supplied

Recently introduced to Levi’s broader product range are innovative hemp and wood fibres that are kinder on the environment whilst still producing the same look and feel that you love (and expect) from the inventor of the blue jean!

  • Cottonised hemp – created to save water, this fibre comes from natural hemp plants that require less land and fewer pesticides than cotton;
  • Sustainably harvested wood pulp – two materials now featuring in their Sustainably Soft range, including:
    • Tencel™ – a sustainable version of viscose / lyocell: soft and breathable; and
    • Ecovero™ – a viscose produced from wood pulp, from certified sustainable forests.

Cottonised hemp. PHOTO: Supplied.

The Future
Many companies around the world are trying to do their part for sustainability, but with a reputation that is only second to oil production, the fashion industry needs to do more. For that to happen, both consumers and companies need to work together. With companies like Levi’s doing everything they can to produce sustainable clothing that lasts a lifetime, the future is brighter.

Search on for lucky Tweed Heads lotto winner

Someone in the Tweed is almost three-quarters of a million dollars richer and they don’t know it yet.

A person who bought a ticket in Saturday’s Lotto draw is among seven people who shared the first division prize.

Each winner pockets a tidy $740,461.20.

The winning ticket was bought at Tweed Mall News but was unregistered so officials from The Lott can’t trace them.

The Lott spokesperson Bronwyn Spencer says they hope someone comes forward to claim their winnings soon.

“Make sure you check your wallet, handbag, fridge door, or anywhere else you may have stored your tickets,” Ms Spencer said.

“If you discover you’re holding the winning ticket, hold on tight to it and phone 131 868 as soon as possible so we can start the prize claim process!”

Tweed Mall News owner Graeme Hooley described the news as ‘fantastic.’.

“With everything that is going on in the world, it’s the perfect time for a life-changing windfall,” Mr Hooley said.

“This will be the topic of discussion all week, no doubt! There will be lots of banter going on in the store.”

The winning numbers in Saturday Lotto were 1, 41, 26, 23, 14 and 8 with supplementary numbers of 33 and 12.

Spring Into Summer Hair-Free & Fabulous!

Spring has sprung! There are so many reasons to love spring – there’s flowers everywhere, the days start getting longer again, the weather starts warming up, and there’s still a minor chill in the breeze to keep us cool. And of course, it means that summer is just around the corner.

September is the first month where we start to think more about what we want to do when the weather is warm. On the Gold Coast, it’s still a little too cool to be jumping in pools and the ocean, but it’s perfect for getting outdoors, or preparing ourselves for those warmer days ahead. It’s also the ideal time to get started on laser hair removal!

If you’ve been thinking about getting laser hair reduction, starting the process in spring is a great option. According to the team at Clear Skincare Clinics, spring is still cool enough to be wearing lightweight pants and shirts as you prep for the summer months where dresses and singlets are more the norm in Queensland.

Here are some of their main reasons why you should start your process now, before summer hits.

You Need To Have Hair
When you get laser hair removal, you need to have hair follicles present. That means, you can’t be waxing for a few weeks before you start your treatment. While the weather is still cooler, take advantage of still being able to comfortably wear lightweight pants and t-shirts to hide your hair growth until you can book in for a session.

It Takes Time
The process of hair removal takes time. In fact, it can take a few sessions, over a period of weeks and months, for you to be completely hair-free. The earlier in the year you can start your treatment, the more chance you will have of it being completed before the weather gets too warm to cover up.

You Can Avoid The Sun
When you have laser hair removal, you need to avoid sun exposure for two weeks before and two weeks after your treatment. This is much easier to do during the cooler months. If you do expose your skin to the sun prior to and during treatment, you risk inaccurate laser settings, and over-exposure to heat – resulting in skin damage such as pigmentation.

Sweat Isn’t Good For Removal
Not only do you need to avoid the sun for your treatment to work effectively, you also need to avoid sweating. No excessive gym sessions, spas or swimming, and given how hot it can get in summer on the GC, no sitting on the beach all day in the heat.

Hide The Side Effects
Although they aren’t generally severe, you may experience short term side effects with your treatment, including redness and swelling after a session. Usually these side effects are gone within 24 hours but keeping them covered up will help the recovery (and you won’t need to explain your change in skin tone to anyone else).

Start your laser hair removal journey today. Clear Skincare Clinics have two Gold Coast locations for your convenience. Get in touch to find out more or to make a booking to start your ultimate summer preparation.

Celebrity Ink Tattoo

Tattoo Myths Debunked – Tattoos May Actually Help You Land a Job!

Tattoos have increasingly gained in popularity – not just in a social environment, but also in the workforce. Within a decade, attitudes towards tattoos have had a significant change in the workplace. A survey conducted in the US in 2006 showed that a study of human resources managers found that 80 percent of them felt negatively towards tattoos which were visible on employees. Just six years later, job hunters can safely say that sporting a tattoo is a definite advantage and made them more attractive to prospective employers. That’s right – tattoos may help you land a job!

A joint Australian and US study conducted by researchers at the University of Miami and The University of Western Australia revealed in an article published in 2012 in Human Relations that there’s no issue with having a tattoo. In fact, it could even place you on employers’ radars. In the study, over 2,000 people were surveyed in all 50 states across the US. The study focused only on respondents who had a visible tattoo. Researchers found that having a tattoo which was visible did not affect a person’s employment, wages or earning potential. There was no disadvantage to those who had a tattoo and those who didn’t. What’s even more interesting, is that in some instances, those with a tattoo were more likely to be hired.

Discrimination against those who have a tattoo has diminished in the workplace. Employers and recruiters acknowledge that they would be dramatically limiting suitable job candidates if they were to consider tattoos taboo. In this ever-competitive world, ensuring you have the right employees is more than half the battle. With longevity being the end goal to success, creating the right culture is essential.

Employers have had to become more inclusive towards cultural sensitivities too. The Australian Human Rights Commission’s advice to employers is that they can set their own rules in the workplace as long as it does not amount to discrimination of any kind. Tattoos in most workplaces are completely acceptable but there is still some pushback on face and neck tattoos in some industries. If you have a tattoo due to your ethnicity and religious beliefs and you were rejected for a role based on this, it could count as racial discrimination.

‘Rebels’ from back in the day are now employers in today’s society and with the onset of more millennials choosing tattoos to express themselves, having a visible tattoo should not hinder your job application process – This is particularly the case in the creative arts, hospitability, retail and fashion sectors.

Interested in booking your next tattoo? Visit to book today.