Dreams do come true! Cadbury launches Neapolitan choccy block

If you’re a fan of Cadbury chocolate and Neapolitan ice-cream, then boy do we have some good news for you…

The two popular treats have merged to make one mouth-watering delicacy, and it’s fair to say 2021 is already off to a glorious start.

The new Neapolitan choccy block is tipped to hit stores next week, rivalling the top deck favourite and old school Triple Decker block.

Just by looking at the packaging, the sweet treat looks like it features a bottom layer of smooth Dairy Milk chocolate, topped with white and strawberry flavoured chocolate, so we basically get the best of both worlds!

PHOTO: Instagram | @foodfindsgeelong

The choccy is set to retail at $5 for a 178g block, while the 50g bar will likely be less than that.

Meet you at the treats aisle next week fellow sweet tooths!

Whoops! Big W forced to pull ‘naughty’ Xmas item from shelves

Aussie retail giant Big W has been forced to pull a candy cane shaped bath bomb from its shelves over fears it resembled something else a little more risque…

An eagle-eyed shopper was walking through her local Big W store earlier this month, when she noticed the bright pink coloured Bath Fizzer looked more like a man’s genitalia than a candy cane.

She shared a photo of the accidental x-rated bath bomb to the popular Big W Mums Australia Facebook page, where it immediately went viral.

“If anyone’s looking for bath bombs.. I think Big W might have got their candy cane a bit wrong!” the woman captioned the image.

The post garnered hundreds of comments from other members of the page, who saw the funny side of the unfortunate mishap.

“Bath bombs are going to be popular in some household stockings this year, especially all those single ladies,” one person wrote.

“I just spat out my drink!” commented another.

PHOTO: Facebook | Big W Mums Australia

Big W has since confirmed that the festive bath bomb has been pulled from shelves.

“We are aware that the candy cane bath bomb in our range did get some attention on social media,” a Big W spokesperson said in a statement.

“We certainly didn’t intend to offend our customers.

“Thanks to their feedback, we withdrew the bath bomb from our range on Thursday, November 19.”

Aldi’s wine advent calendars are back and Merry Xmas to us!

All we want for Christmas is… Aldi’s wine advent calendar!

Move over chocolate, mama’s kind of advent calendar has arrived and it’s going to make for one very Merry Christmas!

German discount supermarket Aldi has announced they’re bringing back their adult-only wine advent calendars so we can countdown to the jolliest day of the year one mini bottle of booze at a time!

“Counting down the days until Christmas has never been so enjoyable with ALDI’s two wine advent calendars,’ ALDI wine buyer Jason Bowyer said.

“Our brand-new, Australian-first ’12 Nights of Wine Tubes Advent Calendar’ features 12 exquisite wonders-of-the-wine-world including red and white wines from the finest wine regions, available in the comfort of your living room with a full tasting menu.”

The 12 Nights of Wine Tubes Advent Calendar will be on sale for $49.99.


While the popular 24 Days of Celebration Wine Advent Calendar, which costs $89.99, is also making a comeback.

“We are also bringing back our fan-favourite, the 24 Days of Celebration Wine Advent Calendar,” Mr Bowyer said.

“With each bottle serving two glasses of wine perfectly, the advent calendar is sure to impress loved ones.

Hidden behind each door is a mixture of 24 mini bottles of sparkling, white, rose, and red varietals for you to enjoy each and every day!


Both calendars are set to hit shelves on Wednesday, November 25.

Try to stay calm, but Macca’s has launched a Donut Ball McFlurry!

Don’t freak out, but some genius at McDonalds has just come up with quite possibly one of the best desserts ever.

Just when you thought nothing could possibly beat the classic Oreo McFlurry, the fast-food giant ups the ice-cream game by adding warm cinnamon donut balls and hot chocolate fudge into the mix.

Drooling yet?

Say hello to the Donut Ball McFlurry… a sweet treat featuring swirls of soft swerve topped with donut balls, hot fudge sauce and Oreo biscuits.

But there’s a catch, you won’t be able to simply walk into your local McDonalds and order one of these bad boys over the counter as they’re only available through the Uber Eats App.

You also better be quick if you want to treat your tastebuds to this new creation, it’s available for a limited time only – from today until 17th of November!

You can now get paid to sit and create memes all day

So, it turns out the dream job really does exist.

A company in New York is currently on the hunt for a full-time meme content writer – and no, i’m really not joking.

Memebase, a company based in Brooklyn, wants to PAY SOMEONE thousands of dollars to sit in a snazzy office and create hilarious internet memes all day.

There’s even a proper job ad for the role, with a special call out to “internet nerds” who want to work in a “fun and creative work environment, making content that people want to read.”

“Memebase is the dank wing of the Cheezburger family, specializing in Internet culture and meme trends,” the job ad reads.

“We’re looking for highly motivated candidates to bring their unique perspective of the Internet to life.”

According to Memebase, the successful candidate will be working on “lists, articles, videos and whatever we end up choosing to do on any given day”, with one of the requirements that you will need to “work within the team to brainstorm the next fun/dumb thing”.

The best part? Along with the $45,000 annual salary, the company is also promising Dental, Life, Medical, and Vision benefits.

And there’s more good news for those who haven’t been to university, with the job listing stating that a college degree is preferred, but not required.