WATCH: Viral video of McDonald’s Drive-Thru worker dancing will make your day

A McDonald’s worker in the UK has become an internet sensation after video of him entertaining queues of cars waiting in the drive-thru went viral.

In the vision, which was posted to Twitter by user @ashleykpearce, the man can be seen dancing to the Lady Gaga hit “Rain on Me”.

It’s understood the music could be heard blaring from one of the vehicles waiting in line, prompting the fast-food employee to break out into dance.

Since being posted last week, the footage has received more than 2.3 million views and thousands of comments.

“This guy needs some kind of recognition! A ray of light in such hard times,” one person commented.

“Employee Of The Month right there!! Love this!! I love that he’s laughing along aswell. Just have fun, have a laugh, enjoy,” wrote another.

While someone else commented “You could never leave that place in a bad mood”.



The GENIUS Bunnings ‘cleaning hack’ saving Aussies $2700!

This is actually life changing…

There’s no denying we’ve all gone through a fair bit of spray and wipe over the past few months considering the pandemic we’re currently living through, and that stuff isn’t cheap when you add it all up.

But one savvy shopper has spilled on the absolutely genius way they’ve saved thousands of dollars simply by buying one product from Bunnings Warehouse, and can we all just take a moment to praise this gem of a human?

“Go to bunnings for cleaning supplies,” Reddit user A_Cat_Named_Frank wrote alongside a photo of a 5-litre bottle of spray and wipe cleaning concentrate.

“That $30 bottle makes up 300L of Spray and Wipe.

“The equivalent volume from Coles would cost you $2,700”

I mean, they’re right… considering a bottle of spray and wipe at the supermarket is usually around $4.50 for 500ml.

LPT: Go to bunnings for cleaning supplies. That $30 bottle make up 300 L of Spray and Wipe. The equivalent volume from Coles would cost you $2,700 from r/australia

To no surprise, the post has since gone viral with hundreds of comments and likes.

“We are on our second bottle after about 4 years!” one user commented.

“You’ll also go through a lot less plastic by reusing a spray bottle. Tremendous life hack from you!” wrote another.

Tiger King Joe Exotic loses his zoo to Carole Baskin

The plot has taken another turn in the bizarre story of ‘Tiger King’, with Joe Exotic’s Oklahoma zoo now awarded to his arch nemesis Carole Baskin.

Overnight, a US judge has ruled in Baskin’s favour, as part of a $1 million trademark dispute, granting the ‘Big Cat Rescue Corp’ control of the property.

Exotic is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence for plotting the murder of Carole Baskin and killing some of his own tigers.

During the hit Netflix docuseries, Ms Baskin has always been extremely critical of the way Mr Exotic ran his Oklahoma zoo, and was constantly campaigning to shut him down.

Baskin eventually sued Mr Exotic for trademark and copyright infringements and won a $1 million civil judgement against him.

It’s understood Exotic then transferred the ownership of the zoo to his mother to avoid paying the legal fees.

But now, the zoo will become property of Carole Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue group.

The ruling stipulated that the animals must be removed from the property within 120.

But it’s not yet known what will happen to those animals.

HILARIOUS! Husband dresses up in costumes, crashes wife’s zoom work meetings

Forget photo-bombing, zoom-bombing is the latest trend to emerge from isolation.

A man has become a viral sensation, after his wife shared the hilarious antics he’s been getting up to while at home.

Indiana woman Cara Fields took to her Linked-In profile this week to share hilarious photos of her husband crashing her work zoom meetings.

It turns out the prankster has been keeping his wife’s colleagues entertained by dressing up in a different costume each day and appearing in the background of the zoom calls.

“My husband has a new quarantine hobby of Zoom bombing my conference calls,” she wrote.

“The colleagues I’m meeting with always see him before I do. Never a dull moment in this household! zoombombing quarantine”

When asked where he gets all of the costumes from, Ms Fields said friends have been mailing them to their home.

To no surprise, the post has gone viral online with thousands of likes and comments.

“This is hilarious. He looks so naive. Thank you for posting to make us laugh!” one person wrote.

“That is AWESOME. Funniest thing I’ve seen yet! LOL” commented another.

PHOTO: Cara Fields | Linked In

Dad’s DIY backyard soccer field becomes viral sensation

Now that’s one way to keep yourself occupied during lockdown!

A genius Dad has turned his backyard into a mini soccer field for his son *cough cough* during the coronavirus pandemic.

With basically everything including club sports cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, kids (and adults) have understandably been going a little crazy being stuck at home.

In a bid to keep his son active and occupied, Mick Duffy decided to transform his backyard into a homemade soccer field… and we have to admit, it’s pretty impressive!

The man, from Scotland, took to social media to share photos of his project, and understandably, it has since gone viral.

He used white paint to draw the lines on the grass and even had a set of goals and corner flags to finish it all off.

The image of the DIY soccer field has already received more than 24,000 likes and hundreds of comments since being shared online yesterday.

“Good one Mick how much for a season ticket?” one person commented.

“How clever is that! Cracking effort Mick,” wrote another.

Others also shared photos of their homemade soccer fields.