WATCH – Snow Kangaroos have been captured on camera!

A video of kangaroos jumping through snow has gone viral on social media, because, you know, ‘Straya.

Stephen Grenfell posted the video over the weekend of the amount of snow that had fallen near Goulbourn in New South Wales, which typically does not get snow.

The person taking the video is moving slowly by a paddock, as the mob of kangaroos hop in many different directions, probably trying to figure out what’s going on… (we’ve assumed that)

Naturally, the video’s going bonkers online, because to fellow Aussies we’re like ‘heck what’s all that snow doing there?’, while the international community is probably flipping out that kangaroos actually exist (after widespread roo-mers – sorry –  that we’ve made the entire species up).

OR – is there a new breed of Snow-Kangaroos that we’re all just learning about together?! Mind shook.

Either way, this video’s earned a whopping half a million views already, ‘love buttoned’ by tens of thousands, and discussed by over 5,000 Twitterers.

So, you should probably also check it out… to keep up with trends and what not.


Adorable French Bulldog wins at World Dog Surfing Championships

Just when you thought your Thursday couldn’t get any better… we bring you pooches tearing it up on waves at the World Dog Surfing Championships.

Yes, such competition does exist… and it’s the best thing to grace our computer screens today.

More than 50 adorable dogs and their owners battled it out at Pacifica State Beach in California to claim the title of best surf dog – but just like any ordinary competition, there can only be one winner… and that honour went to a french bulldog named Cherie!

The proud pooch took to her official Twitter account to reveal the exciting news.

“YESTERDAY. WAS. PAWESOME!” a post on the Twitter account for Cherie reads.

“I can’t believe that I get to tell you that I WON!!! I took a gold medal in Medium Dogs and a gold medal in Best In Surf at the @WorldDogSurfing Championships!”

Cherie was inundated with messages of congratulations from fans.

“So proud of you Cherie!” one person commented.

“Awesome! Congratulations- you go girl!!” wrote another.

Man denied passport due to offensive name change

In this day and age, there are so many requirements to meet if you’re hoping to leave the country.

What documentation you carrying, the amount of contained liquids you board with, visa applications, custom declarations, duty-free alochol limits.

But here’s one we haven’t heard before, and it’s comically caught out a man in the UK: don’t have an offensive name.

Kenny Kennard decided to change his name back in 2016 to Kenny… Fu-Kennard, as a joke.

Though after successfully applying for a new driving license, he was turned down for a passport, on the grounds that his new name is offensive.

The ex-British soldier is gob-smacked he’s now effectively a prisoner in his own country, because after spending eight years in the army, he was hoping to get out and travel a bit more.

“I’m finding it hard to believe the name could be construed as anything but funny and slightly ridiculous. It’s just a joke. I agree with Home Office policy that not all names are acceptable, such as racial hate words or anything that invokes hatred but ‘Fu-Kennard’ is not offensive, and I object to them denying my chosen name,” Kenny’s quoted as saying on his petition page.

Martin Smith has now started a petition in Kenny’s honour, though it hasn’t quite taken off.

It seems there are consequences for taking funny too far…

Man proposes to girlfriend with precious Golden Retriever puppy

A man, a very very smart man, has upped the proposal game, popping the big question to his girlfriend of three years with a golden retriever puppy.

The adorable proposal, which happened at Montana’s Glacier National Park in the US last month, has gone viral on social media – because, PUPPIES!

It’s understood the lucky lady thought she and her boyfriend were modelling for local photographers Rachel Catlett and Jeremiah Spray, when she turned around and saw her partner down on one knee holding a super-cute pup in his arms.

Upon closer look, she soon realised the adorable puppy was wearing a name tag which read: “Kadie, will you marry me?”.

Photos of the heartwarming proposal have been posted to social media, where they have since gone viral.

“Super Cute! I mean who could say no to this!” one person commented.

Congratulations to the happy couple and pup![0]=68.ARBbmp48Yi9k-DWXuclC63bDtl1TwPGg5z14G4qsyj2KI_17gsGeIc8Z-Hp92XNziiIWbUHqdRjkgWXiGLqOkW1Sd5PvXB7lcXJTmsDMi9Uw4nkDIqcZnibFeE4zv0rZDLT8Y3rbi3mKRHYQFLsGZ3BMUzLAI0a3_o-v_UlzWCs8fIi0OUKWSVJ5Cv_zw4_uBwfU-fOxSYOoaHr7tZWEVAryPppvGI563qfryE1UdMRLpgjAHS2FBqTUSc_Si1zLSzFgtgU9esWRqEIFXCh3Mb8dAOC7oH7WV6ZkF6Y7uYLEV3n_k-z6MDykK7ANuSeS46IKpY2iot4rdQXAZgDN9oPNhg&__tn__=-R

This man’s Lion King duet with a donkey is going viral

A MAN has become a social media sensation after belting out a hilarious Lion King duet with a donkey.

Travis Kinley, from South Carolina, was singing “The Circle of Life” when his good mate Nathan the Donkey joined in on the fun and stole the spotlight.

Kinley uploaded the video took to Facebook , where it has since gone viral with more than 3.6 million views and thousands of comments.

“I have watched this a ridiculous amount of times and it makes me smile every time I do!” one person commented.

“I’m glad I scrolled my fb feed!!! Nothing but smiles here. What a wonderful & fun start to your day,” wrote another.