‘Cautiously optimistic’: Mark Kilian hopeful of seeing dying dad before it’s too late

A man who is desperately trying to see his dying father in a Gold Coast hospital says he remains hopeful it can happen sooner rather than later with health officials telling him his plan is being discussed “at the highest levels.”

Mark Kilian and his wife, who are fully vaccinated and have tested negative to COVID four times, remain holed up in quarantine in Sydney after being given an exemption by Border Force to fly to Australia from the US.

Mr Kilian’s father Frans is dying from pancreatic cancer in Robina Hospital on the Gold Coast.


After denying the couple entry into Queensland four times, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk relented on Wednesday, saying she was willing to allow Mark and his wife into the state but with conditions.

“What we would like to see from the New South Wales Government, and this is a matter for the New South Wales Government,” The Premier said. 

“If they want to break the 14-day mandatory quarantine for this couple, and if they can provide Dr Young with how they will safely be transferred from Sydney to the Gold Coast, we, of course, will do everything we can to facilitate the reunion with his father at the earliest convenience.”

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian hit back, telling reporters that she has made it clear from the start that she would be willing to let them out of quarantine early.

Mr Kilian and his wife have already given detailed plans of how they will travel safely to the Gold Coast, including wearing full PPE, using a COVID-approved transport service and a private charter flight.

Mark Kilian and his father Frans | PHOTO: Supplied

Mr Kilian has confirmed he received an update from health officials on Wednesday afternoon.

“They called us which is great to hear from somebody and not just get the emails and she said ‘we’re working on it at the highest levels and what’s in process right now is we’re chatting with the team that’s caring for my dad,” Mr Kilian told myGC.

“My dad wants to go home but they’re not sure he can go home, and there are two other options on the table so they’re talking about it at the moment.”

Mr Kilian says the health team will meet on Thursday morning and talk with his father and his father’s social worker.

“I just sincerely hope that whatever that decision is it means our case will move forward and happen quickly tomorrow. It’s the best hope we have at this point.”

Mr Kilian admits he has felt a bit like a political football over the last week but has remained focussed on the most important thing – seeing his dad.

“Honestly, we just have to be cautiously optimistic and take the hope that we’re given and just keep on fighting for.

“I don’t want to become pessimistic and I certainly don’t want to give up hope.”

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