CCTV captures horrifying moment coward puncher strikes victim, but judge refuses to watch

CCTV has captured the horrific moment a drunk man cowardly punches a stranger three times, knocking him unconscious to the ground, however the Magistrate refused to watch the footage claiming “I don’t like watching videos, they can be very subjective”.

Tyson Joel Wylie, 26, was intoxicated and dealing with a marriage breakup when he knocked a stranger unconscious in Maroochydore on September 26.


It’s believed the two men were involved in an argument at a nearby nightclub earlier in the night.

The horror attack was caught on CCTV and was produced by police as evidence, however the Maroochydore Magistrate refused to watch it in court, claiming “I don’t like watching videos, they can be very subjective”.

“They can become emotive … I rely on the evidence… facts,” he said.

The Magistrate ordered Wylie to pay $5000 in compensation and imposed a 24-month prison term, wholly suspended for three years.

It’s believed Police are considering appealing the decision.

The chilling coward punch came less than a week after Wylie knocked another man unconscious on Cavill Ave in Surfers Paradise on September 20.