Celebrating 25 years of childcare

At Kids World Gilston, we do things a little differently than a lot of childcare centres. If you are reviewing childcare options for your family, you should visit Kids World Gilston.

Firstly, Kids World Gilston is an official Nature Play Centre, providing natural spaces for your children to learn, play and explore.

Rarely seen in Gold Coast childcare centres, Kids World Gilston is set on 2 acres of natural bushland and is only minutes from the M1. Our Bush Kindy programme teaches our children about native wildlife by caring for our chickens, learning about worm farms, composting and growing vegetables in our community gardens.

Sure we do all the other wonderful activities such as painting and storytelling, but it’s the way Kids World Gilston provides a safe and caring home away from home that makes our Childcare centre quite different to many.

We believe that childhood is a time of enjoyment, wonder and learning. Our play-based curriculum provides a dynamic environment for children to discover their confidence and enhance their motor skills while enriching their play experiences to be meaningful and worthwhile.

So, when you visit Kids World Gilston, you’ll notice quite a few differences right away.

There’s real grass, not artificial turf. There are trees, birds and wildlife – not cars and street lights.

The children will ask you if you are visiting and if you would like to see the chickens and vegetable gardens. They will tell you about the wildlife, talk about their friends, their play and let you know about the Aboriginal Elder who comes to play the didgeridoo for them. There aren’t any visible concrete barriers where the centre starts and the world stops. It just looks like a home away from home, where they meet their friends and happily grow into confident children, ready to take on the world.

There’s nothing more important than the care we give to our children.

Join us on 7th July at Kids World Gilston to celebrate our 25th year of childcare on the Gold Coast, or call us for a personal tour of our centre. You’ll be glad you did.