Census results give a snapshot of the Gold Coast

The results are in from last year’s census, and it paints quite an interesting picture of what an average Gold Coaster looks like.

With just over 555,000 locals taking part in the national survey – approximately 270,000 men and 285,000 women – our median age is 38 years old with a personal income of $666.

And while the majority of us were born in Australia, other more common countries of birth were from New Zealand (44,189), England (28,719), China (6957), South Africa (6823), Japan (4232), India (4144), and Korea (3164).


Over 340,000 Gold Coasters live in a house, 90,000 live in a semi-detached or townhouse, and 73,000 live in flats or apartments.

Gold Coast locals are also quite religious – with nearly 300,000 Christians (mostly Catholic and Anglican), 4000 Hindus, 4400 Muslims, 1400 Sikhs, and 1200 Jews. That being said, nearly 180,000 marked themselves as having no religion or ‘other’ spiritual beliefs.

See more detail on the latest census results on the Australian Bureau of Statistics website.

A free seminar on how the census results relate to the Gold Coast will be held on Tuesday 15 August 2017 at Robina Community Centre. The presentation, by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the City of Gold Coast, will cover a wide range of topics including:

  • 2016 census results;
  • key findings specific to Gold Coast city
  • understanding census data.

Registration is essential as places are limited. Click here to book your spot now.