Centrelink repayments to resume from Monday

Australians who owe money to Centrelink have been put on notice, with the pandemic reprieve set to end.

1.3 million debts were paused back in April 2020 to ease pressure on household budgets during the pandemic.

The reprieve was also set to come to an end in February 2021, on Monday.


Approximately $5 billion is currently owed to the Australian Government through Centrelink.

Centrelink will reach out to those who owe money over the next few weeks to organise repayments.

Debtors are being assured they’re not required to pay back the full amount in one go, and can easily get started on a repayment plan.

For more information, click here.

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So $5 Billion dollars has been ripped off taxpayers and the Government employs thousands to administer these payments to ensure only those in need receive them.
Something very wrong here when 1.3 million will be issued with repayment notices.
Pay your tax late or make a simple mistake on your tax return and you could end up in jail.
We are being ripped off left right and center.

Im a single mother in training etc.and some how owe over 12k for overpayment in 2019/20…..I was never, otherwise i would of known and advised Centrelink🙁🤕

I imagine many are legitimate.
In my situation I lost all work and was a sole trader waiting for a decision on if we were eligible or not for jobkeeper.
Not knowing, I applied for centrelink and was paid for a month before becoming eligible for jobkeeper which was backdated.
This made any centrelink payments a debt. There was many people left in limbo regarding eligibility.

It was also a similar thing for my mother, laid off and lack of clarity on eligibility she applied, then later got jobkeeper.

Interesting to note, I attempted to pay back the centerlink payments and they refused me, which was a bit odd.

Thats total bulls*** that they can make us repay for debts straighaway but they can take their sweet ass time repaying those hundreds of thousands of people they owe money too from their dodgy business. They should repay everyone who is entitled to the repayment before asking anyone to start making debt repayments. I apologise if that doesn’t make sense, im not good at typing out what im thinking in my head. Please like if you get what im trying to say


They owed me ten thousand one year , they bluntly said where not giving you that much money, we’ll givr you four grand… bull s*** a!
they still owe me for over ten years now. Ross

What a load of crap! Centrelink kept taking my payments this whole time! I was given a bullsh*t debt when I finished caring for my mother in 2018, I appealed against this decision and there still no outcome. Everytime I call Centrelink or go into the office to find out what’s going on, I’m lied too & given the run around. This is the thanks I get for putting my life out for 8 years caring for my mother! Given a huge debt & thrown onto the street without any help from anywhere. I apply for 5 – 10 jobs every day and never get a reply to any application I put in. This new system to find work, doesn’t work.

Last edited 4 months ago by Greg

Yeah what a load of s***. Im a single father of 3 got dodgy debts and they never stopped my from having to pay me debt. Luckily there is a lawyer firm fighting against the system atm.

Greg and others can you message me on Facebook or messenger please your story/situation about centerlink and issues as I’m not standing for this inhumanity towards people and families and I’m doing something about this as no one else will.
Michelle freshwater Western Australia Albany 6330

I cared for both my mum and dad for a number of years. My life was put on hold whilst caring for them. But I wouldn’t have had them put into care. I was sent a letter saying I owed thousands of dollars. I don’t think I should have had this debt as I kept my mum and dad out of nursing homes. It was hard but I loved my parents.

Stfu Pauline

Greg, that is really harsh. I’m sorry for your loss. Putting your life on hold to care for your mum would of been extremely stressful & overwhelming. I would sit down & calmly write a letter stating the facts, what role you played in the care of your mother & the impact it had on you while you were “Job hunting” from that time til now. Ask what the debt is for, & why things were not explained. If you did not know you were running up a debt be sure to let them know. Please do this when you are in a good frame of mind. Writing a letter in anger is never a good idea. Get a friend or family member you trust to proof read it for you. I hope things go better for you. Take Care, God Bless Pauline.

If people have a Centrelink Debt, then they should pay it back. That’s a no brainer! It should be paid back at an affordable rate, agreed on by Centrelink & it’s client (even if the client needs a bit of gentle persuasion! LOL!) They have had almost 10 months to get used to the idea, so what’s the problem? If you owe the money PAY IT BACK! If you don’t then you go in and lodge an appeal. Seems to me that there are some (not on here) that have deliberately & fraudulently conned money out of Centrelink, been caught,& are now acting like big sooks because they have to pay back their not so hard earned cash! Well that’s what you get for being a liar a cheat & a thief!

pauline put a sock on it will you.
Goodness me anyone will think that the money is owed to you.and if we want to talk about .
Thief, liars, and cheats then you’ve just described the government because no one can outbit them at they game .
But Pauline see the government says we the goverment can .
But the public can’t , a hole bunch of hipocrites and who cares , I also work 5 days a week and long hrs to.
And what I’m main concern is weather the government will have an excuse to not pay me my pension when the time came.
at the rate they going any excuse will be valuable for them not to
Pay you.
They concentrate on what others do , but they don’t look at they own tails .
So sweet heart .don’t go giving your self blue balls on defending the government to much .
Unless you just like them .
Have a lovely day everyone and stay safe & well

This you might

Excuse me, know-it-all do you? Don’t think so. I’m don’t have a centrelink debt but in defence of those you are incorrectly labelling here, there are many cases where centrelink are at fault for the debts due to over payment,some of which are not necessarily obvious to the person receiving the payment if the amount is small, over a certain amount of time that builds therefore leaving that person with a sizable debt. They are certainly not all “liars and cheats” as you say.

lol, whats your favourite flavour of boot, Pauline?

You are truly blessed when you are working full time and don’t have to deal with a genital cancer like Centrelink.

Mine never got stopped I kept paying for money for their mistake.

Thats bull s*** ive still been paying my debt the hole time

This is a severely flawed and cash grab system that takes funds out of individuals that always done the right thing , and demonised them on a non legal basis. They ran a computer algorithm, and have done little to admit fault of this flawed system. Fight this and take it all the way to AAT2 and see if they let it go to the federal court. They have cut the debts doen to a fraction of the original in most cases , rather then to let it be scrutinised by the federal court, this tells you it is a scam of mega proportions. Tine to send scumo and co. off to jail for the deaths they have caused with this botched thuggery.

I have had it I wanna take legal action for 11 yrs I have had a debt I have been defrauded lied to by review officer who has been directly responsible for my mental health have been seeing a psychiatrist for 10yrs bcos of this bull crap made up debt I have calculated I’ve paid back over 11,000 that was up until 2016. I have had to prove myself to them by contacting previous employers to prove I wasn’t still eking there then when I had given revue officer all those details he changed his mind & said I’d received family payments illegally I proved to this revue officer again that He was wrong & got it wrong so then I was told I owned a business by this bias revue officer this so called business was worth $1.00 I again had to prove my innocents even though it was all about $1 lousy dollar & do not own a business then once again this bias & incompetent fella said I owed tax I had to call ATO & ask if I owed any tax & guess what I owed Nothing not a cent ATO fella sent email to Centrelink revue officer stating this fact revue officer called me on his mobile I didn’t recognise number & everytime I’d try to answer number he would immediately hang up
Week later I get another letter saying “Tried to call you numerous times but you don’t want to & failed to answer ur phone. Centrelink doesn’t call you from a mobile it is either a land line or comes up as a private number.
you might ask how I knew it was Centrelink revue officer I waited a week & placed phone on private called this random mobile number & surprise surprise Centrelink Revue Officer answered the mobile phone with his name.
in his revue report turning down my right to have a fair & legally unbiased revue this Centrelink revue officer said in his report of the numerous & many times he had tried to contact me to no avail I was not answering his calls.
now apparently I have been overseas whilst getting a Dissability Pension illegally…I haven’t had a valid pass port since 2006.
I have provided proof of this bogus debt that was initially charged with in 2010. I have had my pension garnisheed randomly even though I was being debated every fortnight from my pension. Now my Centrelink Revue Officer has told me by phone Not by official Centrelink letter that I am not part of Robo debt bcos I was reporting my income fortnightly when I was employed in 2010/2011 so it isn’t a computer Robo debt error.
problem with that is I was employed in 2010 for 6 mths only & was not on any Centrelink payments. I had to leave my employment as my daughter became extremely unwell with mental health issue I left WK to look after her. And now I still have this debt in 11 yrs I have only paid back half of this debt, so I have been told. I cannot get a personal loan from my bank, I cannot get any loans from Centrelink I have a bad credit rating. The last few Centrelink letters I have received have told me I have been recognised a robo debt person but in same colum Centrelink says they do not agree nor believe I am & even goes as far as saying if I continue to be a client of class action that I might even end up owing more money to Centrelink & it seems the Revue officer who seems to have a lot invested in me being guilty & owing HIM money.
I am on very heavy medication & also taking anti-depressants. There is an underhanded cruel wickedness about these so called debts & I have suffered dearly to point of homelessness.
I will end with this… last mth my daughter was helping me change my details re: Business I was supposed to own I finished changing these details & literally 5 seconds after my online details were sent I received a phone call from Revue Officer asking me if I had just deleted the business off my Centrelink account I promise it was 5 seconds?.. now in my account details I own a boat & caravan? I do not own nor have I ever owned a boat & a caravan. These lies & false information has continued to turn up in my Centrelink account robo debt or not someone is physically going into my Centrelink account & lying changing my information & I ask WHY?.. I have been bullied verbally spoken down to by Centrelink hung up on blocked from being able to get into online acc.
only received a paper letter once a yr in November to show me I still have a debt with Centrelink and for 7 of those yrs debt never decreased.
I have been to tv stations for help papers for help ombudsman Fair rental people no one can help.
Yes It’s A Big Blurb isn’t it? Bit 11 yrs is a long time I wasn’t quite 50 when this debt was thrown at me I’m 61 nearly 62 yrs old & still being deliberately victimised mental emotionally abused & someone is desperately trying to cover up something Mr Prime Minister Scott Morrison this robo crap was ur baby yrs ago what the bloody hell have you done you have kept very quite over all of this but I lay this directly at ur feet you say u r a Christian man sir I absolutely challenge u on your faith u are a shame to be calling ur self a Christian let alone be a leader of GOVT representing Australian people & looking out for Australian’s how could you do this and now lay quite not get involved Mr Untouchable.
As for the well paid knowledgeable well trained honest hardworking public servant Mr Centrelink revue officer what r u up to You Mr A ( withheld name)why!!?
To both of these so called intelligent men I Lay This at both Your feet u have ruined lives some people have taken their lives some living on street some in Hospital mental health wards broken families broken people SHAME??? Now it starts again bring it on what more can u do except put me in jail for more trumped up crap.lies lies

I think they should do a Centrelink crackdown there are to many doll bludging scammers out there and within an hour of there pay hitting there bank account they are pulling it out for drugs.
It is supposed to be spent on living!

takes one to know one james