Challenge to Queensland bikie laws close

A High Court challenge against Queensland’s anti-bikie laws is imminent, a barrister for motorcycle gangs has said.

Wayne Baffsky commented on the legislation introduced after the bikie brawl in Broadbeach in September.  That fight was between the Bandidos and Finks and prompted the Newman Government to impose new anti-association laws.

Several members of criminal motorcycle gangs have since been charged, some telling authorities they have cancelled their membership.


In November three Mongols were arrested in the foyer of a Main Beach Hotel.  They were the first to be charged under anti-association laws.

Later several were arrested at a pub on the Sunshine Coast and slapped with similar charges.  reported that Mr Baffsky defeated laws that criminalised the Hells Angels in New South Wales in 2011 and is helping lead the challenge in the Sunshine State.

The Sydney barrister will argue that the legislation, which riders say are an attack on their civil liberties, are unconstitutional.

Mr Baffsky told the ABC “too many people are suffering at the end of the day for laws which are, in my view and in many other people’s view, absolutely unnecessary and brought in under a false premise”.

He added other people committing much more serious crimes seem to have escaped the Government’s attention.

He predicted a challenge is likely within one to two weeks.