Champagne icy poles are coming to Australia this Summer!

Summer in Australia just got a whole lot sweeter with the announcement that the world’s first champagne icy poles will be heading down under!

Yes, you read that correctly – from December, Aussie’s will be able to purchase alcoholic ice blocks… *Deep Breaths.

Called ‘POPS’, the heavenly, gluten-free icy treats come in two different alcoholic flavours.


The Classic – which contains half a glass of champagne and The Bellini, which contains half a glass of real prosecco and a splash of peach schnapps.

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For those under 18, don’t worry you won’t miss out! Two non-alcoholic flavours are also available including Strawberry and Mint and Apple and Elderflower.

POPS will be available to purchase from leading outdoor events, festivals and private events. You can also buy them online here.

The world’s first Bellini Ice Popsicle is coming to Australia this summer.

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People are urged to always consume responsibly.