Channel 10 breaks long standing rule for this year’s Bachelor contestants

It appears Channel 10 has dropped one of their long-standing rules for contestants of popular reality dating show The Bachelor this year.

Anyone who has been a true Bachie fan over the years would have already noticed that the ladies who make it far in the competition keep their social media profiles on private.

We don’t know if they were told to do so by producers in a bid to avoid spoilers, however we have a strong hunch that it was the case.


It’s pretty much been a known fact since the first Bachelor season in 2013, so you could just imagine our excitement/confusion when the official Bachelor Australia Instagram account uploaded THIS photo last night.

If you click on the image, you’ll notice that the personal Instagram account of every contestant has been tagged, and better yet – they’re all on PUBLIC!

It’s a first in Australian Bachie history, with fans already loving the new move.

“They made it easy this year,” one person wrote. “No more having to stalk to find instagram accounts haha”.

“Interesting to see no one is private profile like previous years,” commented another.