Channel 7 drops TV host Andrew O’Keefe

The Channel 7 network has confirmed they’ve parted ways with TV host Andrew O’Keefe, as he prepares to fight a common assault charge.

The 49-year-old was arrested in Randwick in the early hours of Sunday morning, after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend at a nearby apartment.

He was charged with one count of common assault, which he’s reportedly set to fight.


O’Keefe has had a 17-year relationship with Channel 7 across a number of shows, most recently as host of The Chase Australia.

His contract for that is understood to have finished in 2020, but the network has confirmed they have no plans of renewing it.

Channel 7 released the following statement overnight.

“Seven is obviously very concerned to read the reports regarding Andrew O’Keefe. Seven has had a 17-year relationship with Andrew across a number of programs, although he is no longer with the network.

“As this is a police matter before the courts, we cannot comment further.

“The program hosted by Andrew, The Chase Australia, is not currently in production. The program is produced for Seven by ITV Studios Australia. Production will resume soon and a decision about who will host future series is still to be made,” the statement reads.

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Good riddance. A serial violent offender and overall distasteful character.

No doubt we will be hearing excuses for his behaviour , covid stress, mental health problems, alcohol, etc etc. But lots of men have similar issues and they are not attacking their partners. I think the decision not to renew his contract is the right one as no way should anyone be accepting of domestic violence. A sore lesson for him to learn.

Everyone is so quick to pass judgement, our so was abused by his wife but guess what she was the one who got an AVO against our son. Wait for the FACTS.

Sure. Your kid is soooo innocent, right?

such a shame I liked watching him on many television shows

I think that Andrew is perfect for the job on The Chase Australia

Andrew Is a Great Talent, with a Brilliant Mind.
Just Another Bad move by CH 7 to let him go !!

Women bashers have no place in society let alone on our TVs good riddance to the parasite

Good riddance to the Germ & like all scum blames his missus Sleaze bag of the decade