Chaos as train derails on Main Southern Railway line

A FREIGHT train has derailed on the Main Southern Railway line in country New South Wales, triggering widespread delays across the network.

It’s understood two of the train’s wagons came off the tracks in the small historic railway town of Junee, 40km north of Wagga Wagga, late on Friday night.

It happened near the passenger platform at the town’s railway station about 10pm.


The freight train was reportedly heading to Melbourne from Griffith and had pulled into the station at Junee to switch drivers when it derailed.

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Source: Facebook/Lee Rowe

It’s not yet clear what caused the derailment, which is believed to have damaged the railway line.

A source close to the investigation says a 3-foot section of the track has been damaged.

Source: Facebook/Lee Rowe

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The Main Southern Railway line passes straight through the middle of Junee, essentially cutting the town in half.

Trains on the line have been halted, with multiple freight trains forced to queue in town.

The XPT passenger service connecting Sydney and Melbourne also operates on the line.

Trains on the line have been halted, with freight trains forced to queue in town | Source: Supplied

Trains on the line have been halted, with freight trains forced to queue in town | Source: Supplied

A crane arrived in the town on Saturday morning to help lift the wagons back onto the tracks.

However, the crane has so far not been able to reach the derailed containers.

There are fears the line could be out of action for a number of days, while crews work to correct the train, fix the track and wait for investigators to arrive at the scene.

A crane arrived in Junee on Saturday to lift the train back onto the tracks | Source: Supplied

Junee Shire Council says the town’s level crossing will remain closed to traffic for at least the rest of the day.

“Due to a rail wagon derailment, the level rail crossing in Junee is likely to be close all day today to traffic and pedestrians,” Council said in a statement.

The town’s level crossing has been closed to all traffic | Source: Supplied

“Local drivers will know the alternative traffic routes however visitors and travellers may not.

“Please assist people with directions if you can.”

There are two other locations where drivers can cross the tracks; the underpass at the northern end of the town, and Kemp Street bridge.