Charming Zoo sloth finds love just in time for Valentine’s Day

If a sloth can manage to find love this Valentine’s Day, then maybe there’s still hope for you yet…

Love is in the air at the Beardsley Zoo in Connecticut with Jabba the two-toed sloth getting a new lady friend just in time for the annual day of love.

The Zoo revealed the adorable news in a post on Facebook, stating the pair will be “spending Valentine’s Day weekend getting to know each other off exhibit–S-L-O-W-L-Y”.


“Jabba has Hope for love at Valentine’s Day, with the addition of our new Sloth, Hope!” the Zoo wrote.

“Jabba and Hope are currently getting to know each other by occupying space side by side in the Animal Health Care Center.

“Both are Two-Toed sloths, a species found in Central and South America.”

It seems Jabba may finally be set to put his Bachelor days behind him… good on ya Jabba!