Charter planes and gravy trains

THE polls are damning, dozens of his MPs are likely to lose their seats but Premier Campbell Newman is now the highest paid premier in Australia.

A tidy 20 per cent pay rise has boosted Sir Campbell’s salary by $70,000 to $380,000 despite his employers – voters – raising concerns about his performance.

Oh, if only we all had access to our own independent remuneration tribunal.


Sir Campbell established the tribunal last year after the understandable public outrage when MPs were given a massive 42 per cent pay rise.

This was at a time when the Government was crying poor, sacking public servants, slashing services and generally being rather mean.

Nothing much has changed.

Sir Campbell’s reasoning was if the independent tribunal came up with what MPs should be paid, politicians could claim they were powerless to get involved.

Oh, well played.

But Lord only knows the reasoning of the tribunal which again came back with pay hikes for all office holders and MPs on committees.

This is everyone except that MP sent to the sin bin after he took a photo of his penis in a glass of plonk.

Just the back pay for this genius decision will cost taxpayers $3 million.

Sir Campbell said the most important thing was that politicians should not be setting their own pay.

No, the most important thing is that $3 million going back into the taxpayers’ coffers to pay for important stuff like health services.

Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney scored $71,000 extra.

A nice gesture would be if Lord Seeney puts that towards the $200,000 he racks up every year catching charter flights home on the weekend.

Opposition leader Annastacia Palaszczuk also came out rather well with an $80,000 pay rise.

The pay rises were obscene, she chanted for the cameras.

But when asked if she would refuse hers, she mumbled something about it was up to the premier to do something.

The salary increases are to replace several allowances the pollies have been scoring, supposedly to make their income more transparent.

We don’t need more transparency.

We need more value for our money.



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