Officials hog-tied as pig remains on the run on northern Gold Coast

Another attempt will be made today to catch an elusive pig that has been on the run around the streets of Coomera.

The pig (let’s just call him Porky because, well, why not) was first spotted in bushes near Coomera Rivers Primary School on Saturday morning.

It was enticed out of the scrub by a local who fed the animal why calling authorities.


The pig proved quite a source of amusement for residents as everyone tried to work out where it came from and who owns it.

It made a couple of trips back into the bush only to be lured out by food.

Locals managed to corner Porky* (*not its real name) on Finnegan Way around 5.30pm on Saturday afternoon and got a piece of rope around it.

Three residents even lay on the pig to stop it escaping again.

But, alas, nothing was stopping this swine, with Porky breaking free and escaping towards bushland again.

Council officers were set to return to the area today to try and catch it once and for all.

It’s not the first time a pig has caused havoc in the northern suburbs.

A pig that looked remarkably similar to Porky was spotted in traffic at Pimpama last month.