Cheap fuel to disappear from Gold Coast servos this weekend

Gold Coast motorists are being urged to fill up the tank as soon as possible, with petrol prices on the rise – AGAIN.

RACQ has warned cheap fuel is likely to disappear from the south east over the weekend, so if you’re running low, you better move it!

However, there is some bad news, with petrol prices across the city already beginning to spike today.


A number of petrol stations from Ormeau to Tugun were this morning charging a whopping 159.9cpl for unleaded.

Although the state’s motoring body says there are still a few servos selling fuel for around 119.7cpl.

They’re urging drivers to fill up as soon as they spot a good deal to avoid being disappointed.

“There’s still some cheap fuel available, fill up before it disappears,” the motoring body warns.

Drivers are also being urged to use apps and websites, like RACQ’s Fair Fuel Finder, to find the lowest prices.

A target fuel price on the Gold Coast today is 125cpl.

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Petrol companies licensed to steal. Governments will do nothing as it’s the goose that lays the golden tax egg

About time we all get together and hit the streets like they do in Europe and get results. Keep these idiots honest if we elect them.

Spot on! Daylight robbery but we zombies just keeping going along with it all…

Bloody rich oil companies getting richer and government sitting with them collecting our hard earned money.