Child bones found in suitcase believed to belong to girl aged 2-4

THE skeletal remains of a murdered young child found in a suitcase on the side of a South Australian Highway are yet to be identified.

Due to the degraded nature of the body, police have not yet been able to determine the gender or DNA of the child but believe the remains may belong to a girl aged between two-and-a-half to four years old.

Detective Superintendent Des Bray said on Friday that the child could have died up to eight years ago, dating back to 2007.


“The girl would be two to four years of age at the time of death and if alive today, and subject to when she died, for example, if she died in 2007, the little girl would be between 10 and 12 years old today,” Superintendent Bray said.

A passing motorist made the gruesome discovery on the side of the Karoonda Highway in South Australia’s Murray Mallee on on July 15.

Police have said that the child suffered a violent death.