Child forced to shut roadside lemonade stand

A YOUNG girl from Perth has been forced to shut down her lemonade stand after someone complained.

The devastated 11-year-old girl got up at 4am to set up her roadside stand complete with chairs and a couch before having to shut it all down after orders from the Bunbury City Council, in Western Australia.

The council complained the young girl was selling food without a permit and preparing food without approval.


They also stated that the chairs and tables were in a location where it was unsafe for passing vehicles to pull over safely.

The mother of the young girl who is furious over the orders said that all her daughter wanted to do was make a few extra dollars for Christmas presents.

‘It is such a sad day when a kid can’t make a bit of extra cash just selling a few cupcakes and lemonade.’

A member of the public reported the stall to the council after the young girl and her mother tried to promote it on social media.