Child found locked in car amid scorching heat

A TODDLER has spent more than 30 minutes asleep in a locked hot car at a Gold Coast shopping centre amid a scorching heatwave. 

The young girl was found fast asleep in an Audi parked in the car park of the Miami One shopping centre on Saturday.

A Gold Coast woman who requested her last name be withheld made the discovery and tried desperately to break the child out.


“When I parked in the basement, I noticed this bright yellow Audi in front of me,” Rachel said. “I was at least 20 minutes as I went to the super market for a few things and ordered and waited for some hot chips at the shop next door too.”

“When I got back, I noticed the car again and as I looked closer, I saw a kid inside asleep around two or three years old.”

With temperatures nearing 40C earlier in the day, Rachel immediately called for help.

“I immediately phoned for an Ambulance as I knew the kid had been there for at least the time I was shopping,” she said.

“I kept knocking on the girl’s window trying to wake her up and was staring at her tummy breathing, panicking.

“The drivers window was down around an inch only and all the doors were locked so I couldn’t get in. I had to get a few people around me to help.”

But Rachel and those helping her were stopped in their tracks when the child’s mother decided to return.

“When the mum came back she had this carefree attitude and just goes ‘oh that’s my car, it’s all good’,” Rachel said in disbelief. 

“Me and the other strangers flipped and told her how stupid she was. We were sweating and were on the outside of the car!”

The woman took off before paramedics were able to check on the child’s condition.