Child mauled by dog on Gold Coast

A YOUNG boy has been rushed to hospital after being attacked by a dog on the Gold Coast.

The child, believed to be aged under 10, was bitten on the face and mouth at a home in Ormeau just after 8.30pm on Tuesday.

Queensland Ambulance crews were called to the scene, with the youngster treated by paramedics for bite injuries to his face.


He’s since been taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital in a stable condition.

It comes after council revealed they were investigating reports two dogs were allegedly attacked by the same dog at a beach in Tallebudgera at the weekend.

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How about they investigate the owners. Dogs behaviour is a reflection of their owners behaviour.

The dog attacks – these are created by the owners of the dogs, not the dogs.
It is time people were made to go through a rigid test before they get to own one of these precious creatures. Of course a child is going to do all sorts of horrible things to the dog before it attacks but no one talks about that – it is automatically the dogs fault. Take the dog off the owners and let someone else give it love and support so it too can be calm and good natured.

Yes all and good but when you have a gun a gun can go off. Pitbulls are not to be tolerated.

Must be an “American Staffy” AKA a Legal way to name a PITBULL. Get those weapons out of Oz now !!!