Child recovery agent allegedly hired by 60 Minutes granted bail

Australian child recovery agent Adam Whittington has been granted bail in Lebanon, after he was linked to the botched recovery of two children led by 60 Minutes.

The ABC is reporting via Twitter that bail has been set at $20,000 USD.  A Lawyer for the former Soldier has said he should be allowed to return to Australia like the 60 Minutes team and Brisbane mother Sally Faulkner.


Ms Faulkner returned to Australia soon after the alleged offence after the Nine Network reportedly paid money to her estranged husband.

Adam’s Gold Coast-based mother Georgina has been speaking out about the plight of her son ever since a majority of the group was allowed to return to Australia, leaving her boy and his team behind in prison.

Mr Whittington claims he was paid money by the Nine Network to try to retrieve a boy and a girl from their father in Lebanon in April.

Earlier this month Mr Whittington and Ms Faulkner were both charged with kidnapping.  The crew from Nine were charged with failing to inform the authorities of a criminal act.  They should escape with a fine.