Child sex abuse case: 77 predators, 523 victims, 30 million images

SEVENTY-seven alleged child sex predators have been arrested during an unprecedented police operation in Portland.

A staggering 30 million indecent and sexually explicit images of children were reportedly uncovered during Operation Lattise.

The operation, which involved 134 separate investigations, was carried out between June 6 and July 15.


Investigators trawled through more than 100,000 online chat logs, raided the homes of 83 suspects and seized more than 540 computers and electronic devices which detectives allege were filled with child pornography.

According to local police, one computer alone contained 10 million images, some of which are said to have depicted children involved in sexual acts with animals.

As a result, police say 523 children have been identified as being potential victims, the youngest just 3-years-old.

Of the 83 suspects, 77 have been arrested on almost 400 charges including rape, sharing indecent images of children, grooming for a sexual purpose, indecent communication with children, bestiality and drug offenses.

It is expected to take four full-time police officers six months to review and document all the images recovered during the operation.

Of the 523 potential child victims, 122 were referred for the purposes of child protection.