Children in custody, accused of trying to rob people with box cutter knife

THREE children are in police custody after allegedly using a box cutter knife to try and rob people in Brisbane.

The concerning incident took place at the Cultural Centre, in the heart of the city, on Saturday morning.

Police said three girls aged 11 and 14 targeted two people near the Queensland Art Gallery around 9.35am.


The victims, two other girls aged 13 and 17, were sitting in the grassed common area above the gallery at the time.

It’s alleged the offenders walked up to the pair and threatened to hurt them if they didn’t hand over their money.

“The victims said they had no money on them, and one took out their phone to call [us],” police said in a statement.

“It was then that one of the girls allegedly produced a box cutter with the blade extended before all three ran off.”

The three girls, two aged 14 and the other 11, were found by police around an hour later on Cordelia Street.

Police have confirmed they are now in custody, assisting them with their investigation.

Fortunately, no one was physically injured as a result of the incident.

No charges have been laid.