Children perish as makeshift granny flat burns to the ground in electrical fire

TWO children have tragically perished after an electrical fire ripped through a tin shed they were using as a bedroom at a house in Tasmania’s north.

Emergency services were called to the Austins Road home at Turners Marsh around 3am on Sunday after the shed which had been turned into a granny flat went up in flames.

Two girls, believed to be aged 10 and 13, were sleeping in the makeshift room at the time the shed caught fire.


It’s understood the girls’ father was sleeping in the main house and raised the alarm after waking to find the shed fully engulfed in flames and his children missing.

Firefighters raced to douse the flames so they could enter the shed, but the fire was too intense and the structure burned to the ground.

Sadly, the bodies of the two girls were found in the rubble shortly after the inferno was extinguished.

It’s believed the fire may have been sparked by an electrical fault in an extension cord which was being used to power the shed.

Tasmania Police Inspector John King told the ABC that no fire alarms were installed in the makeshift flat.