Children vaccine trial on hold over growing blood clot concerns

A trial of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine in children has been put on hold, amid further investigations into a possible link with blood clots.

The decision comes after the Head of Vaccines for the European Medicines Agency said he believes the British vaccine is causing a rare blood clotting syndrome.

Currently, it appears to mainly be affecting young people.


However, he also says that a full review is yet to be completed and that the benefits of the vaccine far outweigh the risks.

It’s caused Oxford University to put its trial on approximately 300 children on hold as a result.

Australian officials are yet to put out rollout of the AstraZeneca jab on hold, but experts are confident that even if there is a link, it’s very, very low risk.

“If this is anyway related, and we haven’t yet proven a definitive link, it is going to be something that’s exceedingly rare,” Infectious Disease expert Doctor Paul Griffin told The Today Show this morning.

“I think in the order of about one in a million or one in two million. in some populations in some circumstances perhaps we’re seeing a slightly higher number than that.

Dr Griffin then went on to concede that it “may change in the future”.

“Our regulator, with the benefit of expert groups that are providing them advice, is looking at this really carefully.

“They’re looking at all those events overseas, they’re looking at the event in Australia that may be related – it may not be still.

“They’re putting it all together to give us a recommendation.

“The TGA is not going to let us use a vaccine that they’re not confident remains safe.

“The majority of regulators around the world have looked at this and have deemed that the benefits still outweigh the risks.

“That may change in the future,” he said.