Chilean tourists charged with allegedly stealing $1.2M worth of goods from homes

EIGHT Chilean Nationals have been charged after allegedly stealing $1.2 million worth of luxury items from homes across Sydney.

The five men and three women were all arrested over the past month after detectives from the Robbery and Serious Crime Squad established a task force to investigate 80 aggravated break-ins across Sydney throughout September and October.

Police allege the men and women broke into homes across the city, including Vaucluse, Rose Bay, Five Dock, and Castle Hill, where they stole $1.2 million worth of jewellery and luxury items, and cash.


It’s also alleged the group stole luxury items from designer stores across Sydney before shipping all the items and cash overseas.

NSW Police say investigators have been working with Chilean authorities to seize packages believed to contain the stolen items.

“This has been a sophisticated and meticulous investigation; spanning not just across Australia but across the Pacific Ocean,” Robbery and Serious Crime Squad Commander, Detective Superintendent Daniel Doherty said.

“We are doing everything in our power to bring these no-good thieves to justice, but we are calling on the public to assist us in our investigation. We want to hear from anyone who may have information that can assist us in dismantling this organised theft syndicate.

The incident has prompted police to remind the community to properly secure their homes and cars this holiday season.

“While our detectives are continuing to track down those involved, we remind the community to ensure that their doors and windows are securely locked when no one is at home,” they said.

“If you are going on holidays and your home is empty, we ask that you have a trusted family member or friend or neighbour stop by to see that the house has not been disturbed.

“Unsavoury characters will be on the lookout to break in and steal some of your new Christmas presents and will be checking for empty and unlocked homes.

“If you see something or someone suspicious in your neighbourhood, we urge you to contact police.”