Chimpanzee dies while giving birth at South Australia Zoo

A CHIMPANZEE has died while giving birth at Monarto Zoo in South Australia.

It is unclear what caused the mothers death, however it is believed she died from complications during labour.

The newborn survived the tragic ordeal and is now being cared for by another chimpanzee, who is also expecting.


The chimpanzee platform has been closed to the public.

 The Monarto Zoo issued the following heart breaking statement:

It is with much sadness that we announce the passing of our female Chimpanzee Soona, who was expecting her first infant. Miraculously, Soona’s infant has survived and expectant female Zombi is currently caring for it.

Soona’s exact cause of death remains unclear at this stage, however initial observations indicate she passed away from complications during labour. It is too early to speculate the long-term future of Soona’s infant, but all necessary support will be in place for any possible outcome.

Soona will be sorely missed by all that knew and loved her. Rest in Peace Soona.

PHOTO: Monarto Zoo / Facebook

PHOTO: Monarto Zoo / Facebook