Chinese students warned against studying in Australia due to racism

China’s education authority has warned students of travelling to Australia to study, due to ‘racist incidents’ during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Ministry of Education released the warning yesterday, stating that Chinese students should assess the risks and be cautious when choosing to study or return to Australia.

It follows an alert earlier in the week from China’s Foreign Minister, warning against travel to the Oceania continent following increased instances of discrimination.


It referenced racist graffiti targeting China in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The recent warning could mean a heavy blow to Australia’s education sector, with Chinese students accounting for more than 38 percent of all international students back in 2018.

While all overseas students bring in around $20 billion in revenue each year.

The warning from Beijing, follows a string of similar calls in the trade industry, targeting Australia’s beef and barley markets.

Finance Minister Matthias Cormann has already addressed the issued, denying there has been a rise in racism.

“Australia is a successful multicultural society, we are a welcoming country, and we encourage all potential students who are considering higher education in a foreign country to come to Australia,” Cormann said.

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