Choc horror! Cadbury recalls hugely popular Caramilk chocolate blocks

It was the Cadbury’s creation that sent Aussies running to the supermarket and shoving grannies out of the way, to fill their trollys with the treat…

But now they want us to take it back!

Cadbury Australia has issued a recall on the hugely popular Caramilk 190g Chocolate Block over a food safety hazard.


A statement on the company’s Facebook page explains a “limited number of products have been found to contain small, flexible pieces of food grade plastic”.

This has been blamed on a “machinery fault during the manufacturing process”.

The chocolate giant has assured us that the “product does not appear to pose a serious health or food safety risk”, however a recall has been “initiated to prevent the risk of minor injury”.

Anyone who still has the blocks of Caramilk, with the best before date of either 17/01/2019 or 21/01/2019, is being encouraged to take it back to the place of purchase for a full refund.

There’s no word yet on if Cadbury will reproduce the fan favourite, which prompted a frenzy on eBay as people tried to sell blocks for between $20-150 each!

Comments on the Facebook post suggest consumers may not be so eager to take their blocks back: “I only wanna take them back if they can replace them”; “I will still be eating them”; “worth the risk”.

All the details on the recall can be found on the Australian Food Standards website.