Chopper pilot ditches cargo in Gold Coast canal

INCREDIBLE footage has captured the heart-stopping moment a chopper pilot was forced to ditch his cargo in a Gold Coast canal earlier this month, narrowly avoiding serious injury. 

A neighbouring resident caught the drama unfold on camera and uploaded the footage to YouTube on Tuesday May 13.

The helicopter pilot was tasked to remove three disused 1.5 tonne water tanks from the roof of the Contessa Holiday Apartments tower in Main Beach when things went terribly wrong.


Carefully navigating through the city’s highrise buildings, the helicopter removes the first tank without a hitch. But disaster almost strikes midway through the second transport.

Seen descending rapidly, the helicopter is overcome by the weight of its cargo and is forced to ditch the tank into a canal.

Thankfully, the pilot was able to stablise the aircraft after ditching its cargo and avoid dipping into the water.

The third and final tank was removed without incident.