Chris Dawson’s twin returns to testify

Paul Dawson will step back into the witness box as his twin brother faces conviction for the alleged murder of his wife in January 1982.

Testifying briefly on Wednesday afternoon, Mr Dawson said that weeks before the disappearance of Lynette Dawson, she and her husband Chris Dawson were very positive about their marriage and looking forward to the future.

Chris Dawson is accused of murdering his wife and disposing of her body so he could have an unfettered relationship with one of his former students, known as JC. He has pleaded not guilty to the charge.


Paul Dawson’s wife Marilyn also gave evidence on Wednesday, saying her brother-in-law was not a killer and was incapable of harming his wife.

She told the court she reluctantly let Dawson and JC share a bed at their family home on Christmas 1981, but was upset because he was still married. At the time, the teacher and his former student had returned to Sydney after a failed attempt to move north to start a new life.

In an intercepted phone call with her sister from 1999, Ms Dawson said she could not understand why Lynette Dawson did not stick up for herself and force her husband to make a choice between her and JC.

JC eventually married Dawson in 1984, but separated from him in 1990 after a heated custody battle.

She agreed in court that the couple were experiencing marital problems, but said she had never seen Dawson be violent, abusive or controlling towards his wife.

Ms Dawson said she had seen odd, small bruises on Lynette Dawson’s arms and legs but did not question them, believing she had soft skin which made a mark easily when bumped.

She told the court the topic of Mrs Dawson’s insurance had come up after her disappearance, but denied signing any documents for her brother-in-law or forging any signatures.

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