Chris Hemsworth conducts hard-hitting interview with himself

Chris Hemsworth’s back to his usual cheeky self, starring in a British GQ interview with a funny twist.

The Thor actor played both the interviewer and interviewee roles, and it’s hilarious to say the least.

The interview is supposed to serve the purpose of telling us how Chris Hemsworth gets ready for the GQ Awards… we think.


But we spent most of the viewing time freaking out about two Chris Hemsworths being in the room at the same time.

Back and forward, the ‘journalist'(Hemsworth) and Hemsworth (himself) ask each other legitimately terrible questions (actual Journalist’s opinion).

And we uncover the following ‘facts’/’tips’/bizarrely random information:

  • Hemsworth doesn’t mind the ‘jorts’ (jeans cut into shorts)
  • Hemsworth bloody hates tea, the ‘journalist’ agrees with him here
  • They both like pineapple in their smoothie
  • Hemsworth still does not take himself seriously, and we’re here for it.

Also they play scissors, paper, rock.

Just watch the interview yourself, it’s amazing and we demand more of it.