Chris Hemsworth releases Tasmanian devils on mainland Australia

Tasmanian devils have made an Australian mainland comeback, thanks to some help from Aussie superstar Chris Hemsworth.

The Hollywood actor and his wife Elsa Pataky joined conservationists at Aussie Ark last month to release 11 Tasmanian Devils into a 400-hectare wildlife sanctuary at Barrington Tops in New South Wales.

A total of 26 devils have so far been reintroduced to the wild at the sanctuary, which is located north of Newcastle, as part of a program to improve the population on the mainland.


The newly-released marsupials will be monitored through camera traps, radio collars and surveys to check how they are adjusting to life in the wild.

In the next two years, an additional 40 devils will be released into the wild.

Tasmanian devils vanished entirely from mainland Australia thousands of years ago, after being hunted by dingoes.

Currently, there are about 25,000 devils left in the wild in Tasmania.