Christmas car park rage: Over 70% of people have had their car park stolen

Queenslanders are being urged to keep their cool when braving the Christmas crowds this year, with new statistics showing car park rage as a major issue.

RACQ’s Renee Smith said the Club’s insurance research revealed 74 percent of people surveyed have had their car spot stolen by another driver, while 32 percent have returned to their car to find it damaged.

“This year we’re reminding people they’re responsible for their actions, and when it comes to car park behaviour exercising simple courtesy to other motorists helps make it a happy Christmas for all,” Ms Smith said.


“While manners go a long way, so does common sense, so make sure to always obey car park signage and any requests from management to ensure the smoothest flow of traffic.

“If you’re someone who feels their blood pressure rising at the thought of Christmas crowds, make sure you get your shopping done early; and these days of course you have the option of avoiding the crush altogether by shopping online.”

Ms Smith said car park vehicle break-ins were also an issue during the holiday season.

“We’ve had nearly 200 claims for break-ins while cars were parked at major shopping centres in Brisbane over the past year, more than 90 on the Gold Coast, 55 on the Sunshine Coast, 40 in Townsville and 53 in Cairns,” she said.

“It’s so important for people to take the time to secure their vehicles completely, with all windows and doors locked, before setting off on their shop.

“Make sure there are no bags or other valuables left in sight and of course treat your keys like cash, always keeping them in a safe, secure place on you when you’re out and about.