Christmas light overload: 450,000 to be exact

A German man has comfortably outdone the neighbours with Christmas decorations, as his house is sparkling with more than 450,000 lights.

Rolf Vogt, from Germany, was inspired to build his own Winter Wonderland after being dazzled by a beautifully-lit house.

Whilst visiting the US in 1999, he and his son became enchanted by one particularly spectacular house and its light display and ever since aimed to replicate the magical effect.


Dozens of visitors have been flocking to admire his festive display every night, and his collection of lights grows every year.

“I start at the end of July, cutting down all the shrubs and the lilacs and I gradually begin to display the first things,” Mr Vogt said.

“It always takes time for me to find where to start, because people want to see it different every year.”

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