Christmas shoppers warned of dangerous Australia Post parcel scam

People are being urged to remain wary of a dangerous new scam email and SMS, which purports to be from Australia Post.

The Postal service company alerted shoppers to the fraudulent messages in a statement on their website, warning customers not to fall for the scam this festive season.

“Australia Post is aware that fraudulent emails and SMS messages are circulating and targeting Australia Post customers,” the statement reads.


“This scam pretends to be from Australia Post about a parcel notification/package collection/package confirmation.”

According to security company MailGuard, ” the email is meant to make the recipient think that the post office is holding an undelivered parcel for them” and urges you to click on a potentially dangerous link.

“Clicking this link would be a really bad idea,” the company wrote.

“The link would take you to a zipped file that contains malware and can do a lot of damage, installing spyware or viruses.”

MailGuard says the scam is “particularly opportunistic” with Christmas right around the corner.

“This is the busiest part of the year for parcel delivery, and scammers know that during the holiday season people are distracted and potentially more vulnerable to trickery,” they wrote.

Australia post confirmed that they would never email or SMS message customers asking them to click a link to print out a receipt/label for parcel collection/tracking nor will they email asking for your personal or financial information, including any form of ID, passwords, credit card details and account information.