City Beach forced to remove ‘offensive’ prank product following FB complaint

City Beach has been forced to remove a ‘Prank Pregnancy Test’ from its shelves after an outraged mother criticised the surf chain on Facebook.

PHOTO: Facebook

PHOTO: Facebook

In the post, the mother wrote how she was disgusted when she came across the product in the North Lakes City Beach store with her daughter.


“This is NOT funny … how on earth do you think this is acceptable to sell knowing a large percentage of your customers are teen girls,’ the woman wrote on Facebook.

“You do realise that many mothers (including not-yet mothers) have gone through countless and expensive IVF procedures in order to achieve a positive result on a REAL pregnancy stick,” the woman continued.

The fake pregnancy test which always gives a positive result is labelled “great for: marriage! extortion! laughs!”

The mother said she demanded to speak to the store manager but was turned away, so therefore wrote to them expressing her concerns on Facebook.

Within hours the post received thousands of likes and comments – some in support of the woman and some so threatening she was forced to remove it.

In a statement to, City Beach marketing manager Joshua Henry-Hicks said “City Beach values all customer feedback. In light of the concerns raised on Facebook, we have decided to remove the ‘Prank Pregnancy Test’ from all of our stores effective immediately.