City leaders slam ‘Covid Parties’ as Gold Coast hits vax milestone

City leaders and the state’s top cop have slammed Gold Coasters intentionally hosting “Covid parties” in the hopes of exposing themselves to the virus.

A number of people across the city have allegedly been taking part in the virus parties, with the belief that it would help them develop a natural immunity.

However, speaking on the Today Show this morning, Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate blasted the “brainless idea”.


“I know one thing, the Gold Coast is a very innovative city, but this Covid party is really a no go zone,” Mayor Tate said.

“They’re all unvaccinated people and if you’re going to get Covid that’s the place to go and get it, because someone’s going to have it and it spreads so easily.

“It’s a brainless idea and I wish they wouldn’t do it.”

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll echoed the Mayor’s comments at a press conference on Tuesday, warning those taking part that they could be fined.

“Parties where you’re just blatantly disregarding the directives, people will be fined,” Police Commissioner Carroll said.

She also singled out the Gold Coast for failing to follow the mask mandates, revealing it’s not so much the locals who are breaking the rules.

“Disappointingly, what we’ve found on the Gold Coast is a lot of people are not wearing masks,” Ms Carroll said.

“So we have run a number of operations over the entire Gold Coast, including Pacific Fair, and predominately it’s people visiting the state.

“Can I please ask that you wear your mask… At the end of the day it’s blatant disregard and you will be fined,” she warned.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said it’s extremely crucial people across the city continue to don masks, with the Gold Coast now an Omicron hotspot.

“We are very concerned with the spread on the Gold Coast,” Ms Palaszczkuk said.

“A lot of people are ending up in our hospital wards, they’re ending up in ICU and what we want to see is more people on the Gold Coast wearing their masks.

“Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you can’t get COVID-19.”

However, the city has been praised for finally hitting the 90 per cent single-dose vaccine milestone.

Currently, 90.2 per cent of Gold Coasters have had at least one jab, while 87.1 per cent are now fully vaccinated.

“It’s good to see that the numbers are increasing,” the Premier said.