City takes the sting out of mosquito season

ONE of the most comprehensive city-wide mosquito management programs has been preparing for the summer season all year.

The City program aims to reduce mosquito numbers, targeting breeding areas and tackling the potential outbreak of mosquito-borne disease.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate said helping to reduce mosquito numbers was a partnership between residents and the City.


“Summer brings with it the sun and the fun but also brings pests such as mosquitos,” he said.

“The northern areas experience higher concentrations of mosquitoes due to the proximity of residential areas to large salt-marsh and mangrove mosquito breeding areas on the southern Moreton Bay islands and mainland.

“When high tides exceed about 1.6 metres at the Gold Coast Seaway, tidal marshes are flooded, triggering mosquito breeding. In summer this can occur up to twice monthly.

“The City uses all-terrain vehicles to survey marshes and treat larvae. We also conduct ground spraying in residential areas and use helicopters to control larvae populations when mosquito numbers are found over a large area.

“Small native fish are stocked in our permanent water bodies to control mosquito breeding by a more natural means. Today, we are releasing some fish into a residential lake in Coomera to provide additional relief to nearby residents.

“Freshwater mosquitoes can breed in any pool of water that remains stagnant longer than a week.’’

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